Chances are, you haven’t stumbled into this little
corner of the digi-verse by accident.

As a practitioner of the Law of Attraction and a believer that people come into our lives for specific reasons, I’ll take a guess that you’re here for one of these:

  • You’ve heard a little about the Law of Attraction and want to learn more
  • You’re a student of the Law of Attraction but you aren’t yet seeing the results you want
  • You’re pretty darn sure the Law of Attraction doesn’t work, but you’re looking for proof otherwise

No matter what brought you to my site, I’m so glad you’re here!

I’m Linda Ryan, a nurse-turned-Law of Attraction coach and my purpose is to help others fully embrace my favorite saying —life is so good and it just keeps getting better — by understanding and using this incredible law.

Because the Law of Attraction is just that — a law. Like gravity, it doesn’t matter if you fully understand it or believe it; it will work, without fail.

Every. Freakin’. Time.

The Law of Attraction affects us all the same, whether you’re a hoity toity investment banker, a struggling single mom or an innocent newborn baby. It’s a completely level playing field. So you may as well hop on the Law of Attraction train and learn how to use its amazing power to start designing your dream life!


As a Law of Attraction coach, that’s exactly what I help others do.

I hope to help you on your journey towards getting everything you want out of life by harnessing the power of your mind… because life really is so good, and it just keeps getting better.


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