It’s a Trick Question

I really like trick questions, because they require that I stop and think before answering. So here’s one for you: Is the room you’re currently in big or small?  If you answered either big or small or even pretty big or pretty small I would have to hit the proverbial WRONG buzzer.  The correct answer is “I can only answer that question by comparing the room to something else.”  Right?

Although your living room might be 2,000 sqaure feet, which most people would consider big, it’s rather small if you compare it to The White House.  And if your bedroom is only 100 square feet, that’s actually gigantic, compared to your child’s lunchbox.  Get the idea?

Now why is this blog-worthy?  It’s important because understanding this Law of Relativity makes it easy to maintain a positive outlook and attitude, which is essential to a happy existence. The good news is, we get to decide if something is big or small, good or bad, hot or cold.  We do this with our mental faculty of PERCEPTION.

We’ve all heard the “is the cup half empty or half full?” analogy.  Two people can look at the exact same thing, yet see something completely different.  If you’re really thirsty, a half-empty cup of water might not seem like a lot, because you feel like you could probably drink a gallon.  So if you proclaim that it’s not enough water, you then feel bad and probably even more thirty.  But if you use the Law of Relativity and relate the half-empty cup of water to a single drop of water, you can’t help but feel grateful as you guzzle it down.

So the next time your reality has you feeling not so good about something, whether it be your bank account, a relationship, your environment, your appearance~ practice relating it to something worse.  When you do this, it doesn’t take long to feel just a bit better, a little more grateful and your energy shifts to a more positive vibration.  And when that happens, don’t be surprised if  that half-empty cup not only quenches your thirst, but somebody shows up with a cooler full of water bottles and offers you one.

Have a thirst-quenching day!

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  1. Thank you, Linda, for that thirst-quenching post. Great information and reminded me of some very important framing and re-framing. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us!!

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