Let’s Celebrate What Didn’t Happen

In previous posts, we discussed the importance of feeling good so we can vibrate at a good frequency and therefore attract good things into our lives.  We’ve also talked about how when we are grateful, our vibration just naturally increases.

As I was walking downstairs this morning, I almost tripped and fell.  Actually, I did trip, but I didn’t fall. After I got done saying “WHOA!”, I realized that if I had fallen, I could have really been hurt.  Falling down the steps at 6AM could have really messed up my day.

It got me thinking…… what else didn’t happen that I can feel grateful for?  What else don’t I have that I can appreciate?  I’ve had this thought before, like when I almost spilled an entire cup of coffee right on my laptop~Phew, that was close!  Or when I almost smashed into the car in front of me, because I wasn’t paying attention.  Or the time I almost dropped a platter of cupcakes at my son’s birthday party.

What a fun way to activate the feeling of gratitude; think about all the times you didn’t fall, or didn’t spill your coffee, or didn’t have a car accident, or didn’t get struck by lightning, or didn’t lose your eyesight.  How about the time you didn’t sprain your ankle, or didn’t need a kidney transplant?  Remember when you didn’t get caught in a hurricane or a tornado or an avalanche or a tsunami?    And let’s not forget all those times you didn’t lose your car keys!

And even if you did trip and fall down the steps, wasn’t it cool how you didn’t die?  I’ve heard people say “I tried that Law Of Attraction thing and it didn’t work for me.”  And to that I say “Oh yes, it did!”  It always works~ every time, for every person.  It may just be that the gift you were given was the absence of something inconvenient or unpleasant or tragic.  Think about it.  My bet is that when you do, you’ll be very aware of everything that’s going right, you’ll feel grateful and you’ll have a better-than-good day!

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  1. What a great post…it’s true to think what hasn’t happened today is just as amazing. I also agree that The Law of Attraction is very effective. YOu may not notice it right away but over time I bet things become very clear on how effective it really is!

  2. Powerful post…I’ve often felt that if we really considered all the less-than-positive things that didn’t happen that could have, we would be infinitely more grateful than we are. At least that is true in my case. Your article is an excellent reminder for me to keep that in mind. Thank you!

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