Think Inside The Box

One of the most important aspects of goal achieving is creating a vision~ a clear mental picture of what you want.  Now if your goal is a tangible item, like a car or a necklace, this is pretty simple.  You just look at the thing, your brain takes a snapshot of it and you’re good to go.  Not so easy when your goal is more extensive.  How do you take a mental snapshot of  love or success or happiness or peace? Those pictures are not as objective as a car and it takes some work to get that picture in your mind.  Why this is so important is because once the image is impressed on your subconscious mind, things (and you!) begin to move. The Law of Attraction responds to your thoughts, and the clearer your vision, the clearer and easier to read your thoughts become.

Creating a vision board is a great tool for making your goals come to life.  Being able to see physical pictures of things you want makes them more real and allows you to get more comfortable and familiar with them.  But how do you make a vision board if you haven’t created a clear vision of the goal in your mind yet?  My experience tells me you don’t.  You want to and you know you should and you believe it will be a good thing, but the task may be daunting if you don’t have the vision clear in your mind.  So I suggest you start with a box.

Any old box will do, but I suggest getting a special box~one with a lid.  You may already have one, but if not, take a trip to Walmart or Target and buy yourself a Vision Box.  After you select the box, get a magic marker (notice the emphasis on magic!) and write these words across the lid: “Whatever is contained in this box IS.”  It’s true!  Whatever you put in the box IS.  It might not be in your hands or your life just yet, but it does exist.  This practice is a great way to get it to you faster.

Now the fun begins!  As you take the lid off the box, do the same with your imagination.  Get yourself some magazines and get to work play!  Even if you don’t have a clear vision for your life, you will begin to create one as you identify pictures you prefer.  Cut out the pictures that resonate with you as you ponder what you want your life to look like.  You don’t even need scissors; just rip them right out and throw them in the box.  Some words will jump right off the page as you consider what your goals are.  Put them in the box.  We’re not just talking material things here.  We’re talking friends and lovers and hairstyles and figures and business associates and locations.  What do you want to have in your life?  Put it in the box!

Before you put the box away, review the pictures and words you’ve chosen.  Ask yourself (and then answer!) why you chose them.  What about that thing or that word appealed to you?  Why do you want that and what would life be like if you had it?  Let yourself fantasize!

Find a special place to keep the box; somewhere you will see it, rather than under a bed or in a closet.  Make an appointment to revisit your box once a week.  Each time you visit you will be adding words and pictures as well as reminding yourself of what’s already there.  AND (here’s the really cool part) you will begin to notice some of the things you put in the box have actually become a reality in your life.  I didn’t believe it either, but the suit I bought for my first big seminar was almost identical to the suit I had put in the box 2 years earlier.  Crazy!

In time, you may decide to take the pictures out of the box and glue them to a poster board and that’s awesome too.  I’m just warning you, you may have to hurry because the Universe likes speed.  Once you put it in the box (and let yourself get emotionally involved with the idea of having it) it’s not gonna stay there very long 🙂


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  1. Thanks, Lindar! As you know I started a vision board with my son. We recently added pictures of 2 dogs…. When my husband saw we added the dogs to the vision board he said that we had to get rid of him if we wanted to add the dog! LOL! I’m thinkin we might keep dad (aka hubby deluxe) and still get a dog someday! I love the box idea…. so I will get a box started at my office?? What do you think?

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