Lesson Learned…Face Red, But Lesson Learned

Here’s a good lesson I learned this week:
Don’t assume that people will know you are kidding.  Here’s what happened.

I entered a contest, where you had to make a video, telling how the principles of the book “The Go-Giver” by Bob Burg and John David Mann, have affected your business.  The week before, I had experienced exceptional service from a local salesperson.  I decided to retell that story, since it perfectly illustrated all 5 Laws of Stratospheric Success covered in the book.  In an attempt to make it more entertaining, I decided to pretend the authors had added an epilogue to their book.  “This epilogue,” I said, as I looked into the camera, “is based on a true story that happened to me.  And I’m SO flattered…..”  And then I picked up the book (into which I had pasted my own text) and began reading….

I was thrilled to learn I was selected as one of the ten finalists.  The next phase consists of all 10 videos being posted, and the winners selected based on number of votes received.  Never did I imagine (although now it seems rather obvious) that someone would watch my video and actually believe it was true.  I assumed (yeah, yeah…I know!) they would watch the video, get my sense of humor, and think it was a creative way to tell a story.  Apparently not…

My first clue should have been when someone who does know me said “as I was watching the video, I grabbed my copy of the book to see if I had an epilogue in mine.  You had me going there for a minute.”  “Sweet, gullible Christie“, I thought.  But the sobering reality hit me yesterday when a new Facebook friend, and co-finalist, watched the video and messaged me “Enjoyed your video. To be mentioned in ‘The Go-Giver’ is such a privilege.”  What?!  I messaged back “Please tell me you know there is no epilogue!”  Her reply, “No….I thought you were serious!!! Why wouldn’t I believe it to be true? I don’t know you so of course I believed it… haha! ”  Excellent point Sabrina! Wish I’d considered it before I made the video.  But then I would have missed learning the lesson.

So to all the people who may have watched the video and thought “what a/an____ that girl is!”, what can I say?  Not only isn’t there an epilogue in “The Go-Giver”, I also didn’t write a book titled “It’s All About Me.”  Oy vey!  However….. John David Mann and Bob Burg did write a new book coming out in September, titled “It’s Not About You” which is an inspirational parable about leadership and the power of positive persuasion.

Gotta run and go get this egg off my face now

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  1. Hey Linda,
    My sense of humor gets me “in trouble” all the time. We should start a “Goof Ball’s Hall of Fame”. When I watched the video, you “had me” for a second, until you read the title of your book, “It’s All About Me,” then I laughed out loud, knowing Bob and David’s new book is titled, “It’s NOT about You.” OK, this still cracks me up.
    Good Job, because it was funny, and you did it completely straight faced.

    • Ha ha, thanks for the comment Jean. Although I didn’t “get in trouble”, I feel better knowing you, too have been “misunderstood”. Glad I could bring a chuckle to your day, as you just did mine 🙂

  2. Linda,
    You are such a sweetheart and definitely do not have egg on your face!! Now that I know you are a “joker” and certainly a funny gal, I look forward to our budding and bantering friendship, for years to come! And remember… life is in fact a sitcom and we are the main character!
    Go-Giver Love…

    • A million thanks Sabrina~ you just made me feel so much better!
      And thank you, because if it weren’t for you, I may have had to learn this lesson an even harder way. Life IS a sitcom…indeed! xo

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