Turn Your Mind Into A MASTER MIND

Back in the early 1900’s, Andrew Carnegie (the richest man in the world, at the time) commissioned Napoleon Hill to interview 500 of the richest, most successful people on the planet; people like Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, The Wright Brothers, John Rockefeller.  Carnegie wanted to know what, if anything, these people had in common.  After more than twenty years of research (20 years to write a book~ can you imagine?!), Hill identified 13 principles that these winners had in common and he outlined them in the masterpiece we know as “Think and Grow Rich”.

In addition to believing “we become what we think about,” one of the other things these successes had in common was they all were part of a Master Mind.
Hill defines the term Master Mind as:

“coordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony between two or more people for the attainment of a definite purpose.”

He also says:

“No two minds ever come together without, thereby, creating a third, invisible, intangible force which may be likened to a third mind.”

Whether you realize it or not, you have probably been part of a Master Mind on many occasions.  It may be in the form of a family meeting, a business strategy session or even a party planning event.  We call is “brainstorming” or “bouncing ideas around” and we do it all the time.  And if you think back to the last time you brainstormed with someone, you might recall that after you stated the problem to be solved, the back and forth conversation may have gone something like this:

idea~idea~idea~good idea~ not-so-good idea~bad idea~ really good idea~ great idea~ crazy bad idea~ idea~ idea~ good idea~ really good idea~ great solution!

It matters not whose mouth the great solution comes from. All solutions come from one source and that source is the energy that is created through the coming together of like-minded people with a common purpose.

That purpose comes from the wants and needs of the group itself.  You may want to study a book, like “Think and Grow Rich” or “The Go-Giver.” Amazing insights are gleaned when you dive into that content with your group.  Some groups come together for the purpose of growing their individual businesses.  Again, the collective thought energy of that group produces concepts and ideas and resources that help all the members, not just the person posing the question.  One thought, one idea leads to another and another and another and before you know it, there is a synergy which takes on a life of its’ own.  It is not unusual for one 60 minute meeting to bring life-changing awareness to the participants.

The other benefits of a well-run Master Mind group is accountability and comaraderie.  Each participant states what their wants and needs are for the upcoming week, and they commit to take certain actions to move themselves forward.  All members leave the meeting with a clear understanding and genuine interest in their partners’ desires, and they hold an image of those desires as they go through their week.  Wouldn’t you like to know that you have a group of people visualizing your success right along with you?

I have enjoyed facilitating Master Mind groups for nearly five years and it is one of my absolute favorite activities as a coach.  As my first coach, Bob Proctor would say, “I’m never surprised, but always amazed” at the insight, awareness and profound benefits experienced through the Master Mind model. It’s a powerful process and, in my opinion, there is no better forum for gaining clarity, support, understanding and improved results than that of a well-connected Master Mind group.

If you’d like information on how to start one of your own, or (better idea!) join one of mine, leave a comment below and I’ll be happy to help you get started.  I’d also love to hear your experience with a Master Mind you’ve been part of.  What benefits did you find?  How long did it continue?

I am very grateful for the support, wisdom and encouragement of my Master Mind partners and our weekly meeting is truly one of the highlights in my full-of-highlights week!

Addendum: Right after publishing this post, I noticed a YouTube video from Robert C. Hinds. It’s an interview Bob Proctor did on…of all things…MASTER MINDING!  Gotta love it!


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    • Thanks SO much Randy. Sometimes I do a “Fantasy Master Mind” with 4 or 5 AWESOME people (dead and alive) and YOU are one of those members. Very much alive!

    • Me too, Christie. It’s one of the highest highlights of my week. Can’t wait to see your video from Fox News 🙂 Break a leg!

  1. Hi Linda,

    What a great post. I am in a weekly Mastermind with 3 amazing, smart, and insightful women from AZ, ID & NJ, and I’m from IL. The power that comes from this group is nothing less than spectacular. It is my favorite 90 minutes of the week. I can’t believe more people don’t mastermind. Oh, and by the way, thanks for being one of my Mastermind Partners. You’re awesome!

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