It’s Not About Me

So this is…..interesting.
As I sat down to write this post, I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to write about.  I have some spaces left for a workshop that starts this week, and thought I should write about that, as a way to attract participants.

I noticed that I had an untitled “draft” for a post, so I clicked on “Edit” to see what I had started writing about that I had not finished.  Surprisingly, I hadn’t written anything…not one word.  The only thing which was in the post was this picture.

In case you don’t recognize the handsome gentleman I’m hugging, it’s Bob Burg, perhaps best known as co-author of “The Go-Giver.”  Anyone who knows me, knows how highly I think of Bob.  (On second thought, I think anyone who knows Bob thinks highly of him!)  In addition to being an amazing author, speaker and mentor, he is just a really, REALLY nice person. (OK, I’m a certified groupie, and I’m not ashamed to admit it.)

Bob, along with John David Mann, has written a new book called “It’s Not About You”, which will be officially released in a few days!  As one of Bob’s Go-Giver Coaches, I was blessed with an early edition of the book and devoured it in one sitting.  Let me just say this~it was YUMMY!

So here’s the “interesting” part~
Over the weekend, I spent a fair amount of time thinking about this wonderful book, and I was happy to help promote pre-orders.  Although I was primarily focused on my workshop, I spent a lot of time thinking about this new book, the people who are going to love it, and the thrill we will experience when it hits the NY Times Bestseller list.

So I sit down to write, feeling somewhat un-inspired, open the draft and BAM~ This picture pops up!  I have absolutely no recollection of ever starting the post or inserting this picture.  I’m sure I did, but I definitely don’t remember it.  Yet there it was…INTERESTING!.

So many lessons here, not the least of which is it is SO Not About Me… or my workshop.  It’s about appreciating all the cool, sometimes unexplainable things that come into our day, and recognizing why they came.  I was asking for inspiration as I sat down to write.  When we ask, it is given.  And when it is given, we should gratefully receive and go with it.  No questions…

And here’s the really cool part: I’ll bet that by shifting my focus from myself to others, my workshop will sell out.  That’s pretty much how it goes.  I’ll be sure and let you know 🙂

I’ll end with a quote from the book, which sums it all up.

“What you have to give, you offer least of all through what you say; in greater part through what you do;
but in greatest part through who you are.”

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  1. WOW – you are the BEST, my friend. Thank you. So typical of you to put a promotion about someone else first, even when you have your workshop about to begin. How blessed I am to know you and how grateful I am for you. Still don’t believe the publisher wouldn’t let us subtitle the book, “Unless you are Linda Ryan…then it IS about you.” But that’s showbiz! 🙂 Thanks so much again!!!!!

    • Thank YOU Bob. The pleasure AND blessing is all mine! All I’m doing is following your lead, and not surprisingly, it works like a lucky charm.

  2. Hi Linda,

    Thanks, so much, for your wonderful blog today.

    It was just the inspiration, I needed! How did you know? 🙂

    I love your picture with Bob and also look forward to
    the NY Times Bestseller celebration!

    Have a great day and thanks, again,


    • Thanks so much Lauren. Although I didn’t know you needed this same inspiration today, I do know that your FB posts have the same effect on me so many times. It’s like you wrote it just for me. So, not that we’re “keeping score”, but I kinda owed you one 🙂

  3. Great blog, Lindar! And I am another certified Bob Burg groupie! I love Bob’s new book and am sooooo excited for it’s release.
    Best wishes for your workshop….I know it will sell out!

  4. Thanks Linda. I have found Bob to be a fantastic inspiration in my life. I have never net him personally but I plan to somewhere soon. It’s great that your level of awareness and Intuitive factor are both so well attuned and aligned that you are able to recognise when the Universe has whizzed something over to you. “It is one thing to have an opportunity in front of you, but it is totally another thing to be aware that it is there”. I know your workshop will sell out 🙂

    • Thank you Robert, what an insightful thing to say. Tells me your level of awareness is well attuned also. Thanks so much for your kind words 🙂

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