Did You Really Just Say “After The Holidays” ?

A few days ago, I heard my first “after-the-holidays” comment of the year.  It came from someone who wants to participate in my Guided Meditation Workshop.  She has “been thinking about meditating for quite a while” and when she saw the program she thought “this sounds perfect!”  And she is really excited to get started…in 12 weeks. Really?!

The time commitment to be in the workshop is one hour a week for the live call, plus 15 minutes each day of meditation.  That adds up to 165 MINUTES (less than 3 hours!) a WEEK for something that can transform your life (check out the testimonials!) and she wants to put that off until after-the-holidays.

We had an interesting discussion about the “after the holidays” mindset, which I’ll admit is one of my pet peeves.  I asked her why she would be saying, and more importantly thinking that in mid-October.  She explained how she helps with the class parties at her son’s elementary school, bakes a ton of cookies, has her family (eight people) over for Thanksgiving AND Christmas Eve dinner, in addition to shopping and wrapping gifts for everyone on her list.

My response was something along the lines of “Yeah?…So?”
What’s interesting to me (and by interesting, I mean silly.  And ridiculous!) is how in mid-October, many people start thinking thoughts of frenzied shopping and wrapping and spending and baking.  I did it myself for many years, when my children were little.  I used to start shopping, wrapping and stashing away gifts in September, just so I could avoid the choas of doing it all last minute.  The irony is I was, unconsciously, stressing myself out for three months, so I could avoid feeling stressed for a week or two. Oy vey!

I’m happy to say she did decide to join the next workshop which will end on  December 6th.  She’ll still have another three weeks before Christmas AND she will be calmer, much cooler and way more collected during those hectic (her word, not mine) days.  We ended up having a good laugh about it, as she realized what her mindset was doing.  It was conjuring up a feeling of rushing and busyness, which in addition to being unnecessary, would only intensify as the days and weeks went on.

We’ve got nine weeks until Christmas and Hanukkah folks.  Think about it: in a couple of months you’ll be enjoying the merriment of the holidays with family and friends.  You’ll be spending a few days, maybe even an entire week celebrating the holiday that is your tradition.  That’s it.  If you were planning a dinner party nine weeks from now, would you be putting other things on hold until after that party?  I’m guessing not, but that’s just my opinion.

What are you putting off until January, and why?  What are your colleagues or clients postponing?  How does the holiday mindset affect your business and your busyness?  Do you expect your business to increase or decrease because of the holidays? Do you alter your mindset as November approaches?  And my final question: when is it appropriate to start saying (and thinking!) “after-the-holidays”?

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  1. Great article and terrific point. That happens to be one of my pet peeves, as well. It’s, of course, very similar to…”I’ll do it after the first of the year.” As though, there is some magic that happens between 11:59.59PM on December 31st and 12:00AM on January 1st that all of a sudden is going to make a huge difference in someone’s life. I know I’ve fallen into that trap, myself, and it’s nothing more than rationalization for not taking action on what I should take action on now. And, I believe that, “as a society” (which is another excuse) we’ve allowed ourselves to use that. So, I think your point is excellent in two regards; one is that we need to make sure we individually don’t rationalize away the appropriate action we should take. And, two, that we learn how to tactfully help the person who tells us that they’ll do it “after the Holidays” or “after the first of the year” to see how the much more effective thing would be to do it now (if doing it now is indeed the more appropriate course of action). Thank you again, Linda. Your posts are awesome, just like you!

    • Great insight here, Bob. I love how you break it down and then clear it up, pointing out the 2 sides of it.
      1. I need to make sure I don’t put things off BECAUSE of the holidays and
      2. I need to encourage others to stop doing that as well. And there may be a
      3. As a business owner, I need to make sure I don’t NOT offer programs in November and even December, projecting the expectation that “no one signs up for my programs until AFTER THE DANG HOLIDAYS!”
      Thanks YOU Bob, your comments are awesome, just like you! 🙂

  2. HAHA!! I laugh because I do this myself. It reminds me of my procrastination post. I feel so overwhelmed by things that I start pushing things off “to the first of the year” because I can feel like I just checked something off my “to-worry-about list” 🙂 great post Linda!

  3. Awesome post, Lindar:) The only thing we should put off until after the holidays is dieting (haha!). The holidays are supposed to be JOYOUS, not hectic. I now promise not to use the word “hectic” for the rest of the year! Maybe forever!
    I often get that response from clients in my clothing business, “call me after the first of the year”. Most of the time this is because 1) these next few months are busy in their business, and 2) because they receive the bonus check in Jan! With this in mind, I have had some of my better selling months in Nov and Dec when I focused on new business and referrals during this joyous time:)
    Thanks again!

    • Ha ha, I’m with you all the way~ no dieting until AFTER the holidays. I like how you’re using this belief (people will wait till after the holidays) based on your experience and turning it into a different strategy for those months. Where many salespeople might opt for kind of expecting lower sales, you’re saying that you will maintain your sales, and you may need to approach new clients to do that. Excellent MP! Thanks for sharing!

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