Guess What Didn’t Happen Last Night

Last night I almost had a car accident.  It was the closest I’ve ever come to actually smashing into another car (except for the time I backed into one of my best friends in the school parking lot and did $4000 worth of damage, but that was 15 years ago, so I’m pretty sure it doesn’t count it anymore) and it scared the beejeezus out of me!  The other person was obviously distracted and they drifted into my lane to the point I had to drive onto someone’s front lawn to avoid them.

After a few deep breaths and a couple of “WHOA!!!”‘s, as silly as this may sound, I felt nothing but grateful.  Nothing!  I’m not kidding; I was completely overcome with appreciation.  Now before you start rolling your eyes, I’m not sharing this to boast about my ability to think positive, because there are plenty of times I feel all kinds of angry when others behave badly on the road.  I’m sharing this to see if anyone else has ever had a similar experience.

A few months ago, I wrote a post called “Let’s Celebrate What Didn’t Happen” and today I feel extremely happy and grateful and yes, celebratory about what didn’t happen last night and…what did happen in my mind.

Think about all the things that didn’t happen to you and let me know if you’d like to join the party. 🙂

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  1. Absolutely, there have been plenty of times in my life (including near collisions) where my gratitude over something bad *not* happening totally reframed my mood. I quickly went from taking things for granted (or even sadness/lack of gratitude for what I didn’t have), to being in a state of immense appreciation. Nothing “silly” about this at all. The good news is that – with enough active consciousness we can do this even without something scary like a near-accident to “wake us up.” The Sages taught that we can reframe our attitude and mood by imagining losing our senses, such as our ability to see, hear, touch, etc. We can imagine losing everything financially or other uncomfortable situations. And, then, upon realizing that none of that actually happened, we can again be living in a state of gratitude. Thank you for the awesome reminder, Ms. Ryan. Your posts continue to impress!!

    • And your wonderful comments continue to make my posts MORE impressive. When I am struggling to get out of a “funky” mood, doing what you mention works like a charm. I tend to (maybe it’s the nurse in me) think about my kidneys and lungs and heart. Imagining any one of those not working always gets me out of the funk. Thanks SO much, Bob 🙂

  2. A big “Amen” to those circumstances that don’t quite happen! I too, am thankful for those times, and as much for the abundances that I enjoy living in this awesome Country!

    • Amen to your Amen Liz! And by mentioning this awesome Country (despite any areas that could use improvement), you’ve just given me something else to appreciate…besides you 🙂

  3. I am grateful for every single moment of life. Sounds goofy to some, but each day I awake to another day of sunshine and each day the sun sets so beautifully.

    Once I got pulled over for speeding and the moment I saw the police lights I began praising God for him slowing me down. I was grateful to the officer and I thanked him for pulling me over. It was seriuosly overwhelming graditude and joy. As grateful as I am, even this much gratitude for a ticket was a surprise to me. I even facebooked that I was thankful to the officer for slowing me down. He even gave me a ticket for where I pulled over. LOL It was the fastest tickets I ever got, because of the dangerous area I was parked in. From start to finish, the ticket took all of 4 minutes. Even that made me smile.

    I drove away feeling silly for being so cheerful about a ticket, until less than a mile away I came upon an overturned vehicle in my lane and the 18 wheeler truck that had hit it. There was no help on the scene and it couldn’t have happed more than 5 minutes before I came upon it. After I prayed for the people in the accident, I rejoiced for what I was saved from.

    I often thank God for the dangers He keeps me from each day.:-) Mr Magoo always made it safe and sound, and so do we.

    Thank you for this post.

    • Only because I know you, Amy can I believe anyone could be THIS grateful for getting pulled over. You are on of a kind, and I thank you for sharing this story. The only way it could have been better, would be if he DIDN’T give you the ticket. 🙂

  4. Glad to hear that you are safe and sound and that there were no serious injuries. What a fantastic attitude you have!! Gratitude is something that I have taken on board in a huge way this year, more than ever. Bob Proctor once told me to read chapter 7 ‘Gratitude’ from Wallace D. Wattles, ‘The Science of Getting Rich’ for 30 days. This was a fantastic exercise. Since then my first task of the day, everyday, immediately upon waking is to write out one side of an A4 sheet with all of the things that I am grateful for. This puts me into an amazing vibration and is a the most powerful method of staring my day that I have come across. I have to agree with Bob….your blogs are very inspiring and thought provoking.
    RCH 🙂

    • Thanks for the comment, Robert! Your practice of starting each day with a Gratitude list is THE BEST. Bob Proctor had me reading that same Chapter, along with Chapter 4 and 14. Did you ever try that? 4,14,7, in that order. I actually recorded it (always looking for a shortcut lol) and listened to it everyday for several months. Amazing what something like that can do. Appreciate your words and always enjoy (and learn something) from your insights. CHEERS!

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