Mind Your Own Business! MASTER Mind, That Is.

Every Wednesday I facilitate a master mind group of entrepreneurs.  The group consists of six men and women who, until this group began, were complete strangers.   The only commonality is they are all entrepreneurs, running businesses which they enjoy and want to grow.

Everyone takes a few minutes at the beginning to share their “Win For The Week”~a highlight since our last meeting.  Although the Win should be business-related, it doesn’t have to be, as sometimes the personal Wins far exceed any business success.

Next, they discuss their “Wants and Needs” for the upcoming week and this is where the magic begins to happen.  One person shares what they’d like to work on over the next seven days and then we discuss how they might do that.  It’s always a thrill to watch the ideas take on a life of their own.  A couple of weeks ago, we saw a great example of the power of bringing together a group of individuals with a common purpose.  Keep in mind, these people are from different parts of the country, so there is no local connecting expected to happen.

One of the men who owns a flower shop said “This week I need to find an assistant to help with all the paperwork, and run local errands.  I’m tired of having my time taken up with all the busy work, which prevents me from focusing on my business.”  He had been wanting this for several months, but had never declared it as his “Wants & Needs.”

Ideas started to flow which ranged from Facebook, to an ad on Craig’s List, to posting at the community college or at church, etc.  He liked the idea of the community college and told the group he would check that out this week, as the work was becoming overwhelming. After the meeting, I emailed the group the list of the Wants & Needs, so they can keep each other in their thoughts throughout the week.  Having others visualize your success is powerful.  🙂

Next meeting starts with the Wins For The Week, and he asked to go first.  I love it when someone starts a story with “You’re not gonna believe this…”  Not only did he find a wonderful assistant, he reunited with an old friend and booked not one, but TWO weddings!

When he got to the Career Center at the college, the woman at the desk turned out to be a great friend from High School, whom he hadn’t seen in over 20 years!  After getting over their “OMG, I can’t believe its!” turns out he didn’t even need to post the job, because she wrote down the number for someone she felt would be a perfect fit for him~her nephew!  He is 20 years old, highly organized and completely obsessed with gardening and horticulture AND his dream was to work in and someday open his own  flower shop.  SCORE!  But the story doesn’t end here.

The newly reacquainted old friends agreed to meet for lunch the next day, along with a third High School friend, whom he also hadn’t seen in 20 years.  It turns out that that friend’s next door neighbor had recently gotten engaged and had just mentioned she needed to find a great florist.  HELLOcc! (She booked him a few days later AND referred another friend to him, who, you guessed it~also booked him!)  But we’re still not done!  You might want to sit down…

As he was relaying this awesome WIN to the group, for some reason, he just happened to mention the name of the second bride, which was Raven.  As this is not a very common name, one of the women (who later said she almost didn’t ask, because what are the chances?) asked “What’s her last name?”  Amazing as it may seem, that second bride was the college roommate of a woman in this Master Mind group!  Mama Leone~ You can’t make this stuff up!

Needless to say, the group experienced an overwhelming, non drug-induced buzz that Wednesday.  The sequence of events and serendipitous connections simply blew us away.  It also reinforced the tremendous benefit and unmatched camaraderie of a well running Master Mind group.

Do you have one?  Would you like one?  It’s so easy to start and you don’t need to hire a facilitator.  I am happy to share the template with you or your group…. as long as you promise to share your “You’re not gonna believe this!” moments with us 🙂

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  1. Ahhh the amazing power of a master mind. I have seen and experienced its benefits myself and I can’t see how I ever did business without one. Love all the amazing connections in this story Linda!!

    • Hey Christie, I know you have and I feel EXACTLY the same way. Life is just better when you have a Master Mind 🙂

    • Thanks so much Gina! You mentioned 2 key things: forward movement and support. Combine that with a clearly defined goal and magic happens!

    • Thank you Amy, and of course! Let’s get you going because you have a lot to give (not to mention gain) from being part of a Master Mind. I’ll be in touch 🙂

    • Thanks so much Kellie! It is powerful (and FUN!) indeed! I’ll connect with you to share the template. So glad you stopped by 🙂

  2. Hi Linda,
    Got this off of FB and would be interested in learning more about the groups. Can you send me some info/template? If you have time we can also talk via phone if that us easier.

    • So glad you liked the post Chuck, and I am happy to share the template and info on how you can start your own Master Mind group. I will be in touch, thanks!

  3. Hi Linda,
    Brilliant blog! Great to read about the personal growth and special moments that can happen within Mastermind groups. The beautiful relationships that are forged between complete strangers and the subsequent moments of glory that can appear through the later weeks of the groups. I recently took a few of my mastermind group members to a Bob Proctor seminar in London and they had an opportunity to speak with the man himself. Having just completed the ‘You Were Born Rich’ book in my group, they were both completely exhilarated to be meeting with him. They came away from that seminar on an extended high from the ideas in the book. This has been yet another stepping stone on their path to personal greatness. Everyone should be in a mastermind group!

    • Well thank you, Robert~for the nice comment AND sharing what I’m sure was an amazing experience with your MM partners. Aren’t we fortunate to be in a position to lead these groups? Of all the great things we do, leading a Master Mind is right at the very top of my list. How about you?

  4. Linda, this really is a brilliant blog. I LOVE this perfect example of how a mastermind group works. So glad the Universe attracted you to me…..wait…or was I attracted to you. Doesn’t matter, we were suppose to find each other in order to conquer the world. I am calling for World Domination of Mastermind Groups. Have a great day.

    • Well thanks Jean! One thing (among many!) I can always count on you for is making me laugh 🙂 Conquer the world (and win the lottery!) indeed 🙂

  5. Great post Linda! What an awesome experience.

    My first Master Mind group experience was well over 10 years ago and you hit the nail on the head with this sentence “Having others visualize your success is powerful.” There is without a doubt something about the power of the minds coming together, not just something but “amazing power”.

    Congratulations on the success! Look forward to hearing about the next group.

    • Thanks so much Edie. It really IS amazing! It’s also so easy and fun~ I love taking just a few minutes, sometimes moments, to think about my Master Mind partners and what they are wanting for the week. And I love and appreciate that at some point during the week, they are doing the same for me. Thanks for stopping by, so glad to have you!

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