Play The Match Game AND WIN!

Any Baby Boomers out there will probably remember a TV show called “The Match Game.”   Contestants were given an incomplete sentence and they had to fill in the blank.  For example, “Dumb Dora was so dumb, that instead of a lunchbox, she packed her son’s lunch in a  ____________.”

The panel of six celebrities wrote down their answer on a card and if the contestant and the celebrity chose the same word, a bell rang (ding! ding! ding! ding! ding!), the audience cheered and the contestant got a point.  If their words didn’t match, a buzzer buzzed (not sure how to spell that sound, but it wasn’t pleasant), the audience moaned and the game continued.  When time was up, the contestant with the most matches went on to play “Super Match” with the celebrity of their choice, for the Grand Prize of $100.  The loser got a play-at-home version of the game and went home.

Two contestants, six celebrities, one host, one bell, one buzzer, one measly prize… and the show aired for over two decades!

I’d like to suggest we all play a new version of  “The Match Game”.  In this version, there are unlimited contestants and unlimited prizes, yet no celebrities, no host, no bell, buzzer or bonus rounds.  And no specific time slot!  The rules for this Match Game are so simple, yet it baffles most contestants:


Any questions?

If you’d like some help getting really good at this game, I highly encourage you to register for my workshop which begins this week.  DING! DING! DING! DING! DING! DING! DING!!!

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  1. Pick Me!!! Pick Me!!!! I want to WIN!!!

    I want to win:
    A calmer mind, so I can focus on what I need to accomplish – Oh wait, I have that now
    A better attitude – Oh wait I already have gotten it
    Feeling good everyday – Oh wait I already do
    Being interviewed on the radio on a business show – Oh wait that just happened.
    People signing up for my classes before they are asked to – Oh wait that already is happening
    I have attracted all of the above because of your workshop, now I would like to attract matching Mercedes S500’s please one for me and one for my husband. Mine is blue, his is silver. I KNOW that is not too much to ask for!

    • Jean, you never cease to make me LOL. Having said that, I am so thrilled that you found sound value from this meditation. And let me point out that not only were you on the radio, you were the warm-up for Dave Ramsey! So no, asking for twin Mercedes is NOT asking for too much!

    • Amy, Amy, Amy, that’s IS silly!. I used to say “I haven’t had a match since Farrah Fawcett left Charlie’s Angels”, which is even sillier 🙂 Thanks for sharing the silliness

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