The Bracelet Isn’t Magic, But The Awareness IS!

I am currently enrolled in a Prosperity Coaches training which involves wearing a blue Abundance Activist™ bracelet, similar to a Livestrong bracelet.  Every time I GIVE or RECEIVE something, I switch the bracelet to the other wrist.  It may sound silly, but doing that simple action has had a dramatic effect on my awareness of both of these things. 

It doesn’t matter what I am giving or receiving; it could be time, money, a gift, a kind word, an iPad… Every time I notice such an act, I switch the bracelet.

Well, yesterday I made my annual trip to my favorite flea market to do some Christmas shopping.  I’ve been going there for over 20 years, and I never remember receiving a discount, aside from the normal “Buy 1 for $20 or 2 for $30” offer.  But this trip was different and that blue bracelet got quite a workout!

The highlight of the day occurred while going down my last aisle, cold and weary from three hours of walking and spending.  A gentleman selling food choppers asked “Will you watch my demonstration? You don’t have to buy anything.  No one else is.”  His humorous approach made me laugh and although I was tired and had absolutely no interest in what he was selling, I said “Sure!  Show me what you’ve got.”

As I approached his table, I switched my bracelet, aware that I had made the decision to GIVE this nice man a few minutes of my time.

The demo was so cool that I purchased his chopper for $25.  As I waited for him to put it in the bag, I started to switch my bracelet, aware that I was GIVING him a sale, not because I really wanted the product (although it is really cool!) but because I felt like doing something nice.  At that moment, the thought to GIVE him the bracelet came to me, so I did.

After explaining how to use it, he happily put it on his wrist, smiled and said “You just made my day!” and I really felt his appreciation.  He continued, “And now I’m gonna make yours” as he put a second chopper in the bag!  How cool is that?!  We were both smiling ear-to-ear as he switched the bracelet to his other wrist.

As soon as I got home, I put on a new blue bracelet and have switched it several times since then.  I’ve been assured the bracelet isn’t magic, but the awareness that every GIVING also involves a RECEIVING truly is!

Where is your awareness on the topic of giving and receiving?  Do you notice one more than the other?  I can promise that as you become more aware of both, you will experience both and on a more equivalent, consistent basis.

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  1. What a great idea. Giving and receiving are simply two sides of the very same coin. And, your teaching in today’s article provided an excellent way for us to constantly remain in a state of conscious awareness of such. Thank you, my great, wise and wonderful friend!

    • My absolute pleasure my greater, wiser, wonderfuler friend! I have learned SO much from you about this topic already, and I feel like I’m just getting started.

    • Archie, thanks so much for your kind comment AND your awesome quote. I think “the best you could find” is actually the best that there is. Cheers!!! 🙂

    • YES you can! Mentally switch your bracelet not twice, but three times. Once for as you so kindly say, receiving nice information, again for giving a few minutes and yet again for leaving such a nice comment. 🙂

    • My pleasure, Christie and thank you for your nice comment! You can use a bracelet, a ring, something in your pocket….anything. Look forward to hearing what happens when you try it!

  2. What a great experience, thank you for sharing. I wear one to remind me of my commitment to exercise, nutrition, and overal health for me and my family. I share this with others as well, I like the idea of the switch to remind me as things become routine and unnoticed when left the same.

    • Thank you for your nice comment, John. I hope you’ll let us know what you notice when you begin switching the bracelet, every time you notice you are focused on and actively doing something about it. Awesome!

  3. What a great idea the Abundance Activist bracelet is and thank you for sharing the concept. More importantly thanks for so clearly showing how much we need to focus on our awareness. I love your story and appreciate the post. Nicely done.

    • Thanks Bill! As I just replied to your wife, Christie (oh she’s NOT your wife???) you can use anything to do this…a ring, a watch, anything. As a fellow Go-Giver Coach, I know you know this, yet our awareness can always increase in this regard. I hope you’ll try it and please let me know what you find. Appreciate your feedback!

  4. Hey Linda! Great post! I love the idea of a physical reminder of giving/receiving/abundance. In my opinion, the awareness of the energy exchange is truly what powers the whole shebang….the concious registering of give/take/circulation/love/joy/kindness…every time you switch the bracelet you are reminded not just of being surrounded by abundance, but of also being a creator of it! And that’s a beautiful thing!

    I’m in New Orleans at the moment, and I think I’ll keep my eyes peeled for my very own prosperity/abundance bracelet….with a bit of New Orleans pizazz.
    Thanks for the great idea!


    • Hey Sean, so glad you liked the post. I love how you put it “the awareness of the energy exchange is truly what powers the whole shebang” So true and then following that up with the awareness that not only are we surrounded with abundance, but that we are, in fact creating it. Wow! Sean thank you so much for your brilliant insight here. Can’t wait to hear about your bracelet AND, of course the pizza! 🙂

  5. Linda, this is one of my favorite posts you have made! I think you should start/create some Mind Over Matter Prosperity bracelets. I was getting ready to ask you where to purchase them until I read further on down the blog. What a wonderful idea and a tangible reminder to Give and Receive with gratitude!
    Side note: Bill & Christie Ellis. When I first connected with the two of them I also thought they were married! Love them Both! Together and separately! :O)

    • Michelle, thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your insights. Let me know what you notice when you starts switching whatever you choose to switch. I’m telling you…It IS magical what begins to happen 🙂

  6. Linda, thanks for the reply! A quick update: I opted for a necklace that I touch every time instead of a bracelet I switch…saw a fleur-de-lis necklace that I just had to have, and my vanity got the best of me! 🙂 And btw, it was some New Orleans “pizazz” not pizza in was talking about! Lol.


    • Ha ha, I noticed the pizazz after I commented and thought about changing it, but said nahhhhhhh. Funny, I was thinking I never heard of anyone mentioning New Orleans for their pizza. Too funny! The necklace sounds perfect! Send a pic! 🙂

  7. I’ve been wearing a blue, “Cultivate Peace” bracelet for many years!! And, given lots away as well! Now I’m going to start ‘switching the wrist’, in gratitude. Super idea!! Thank you!

    • That’s so cool, Jana! I love the awareness I have since starting to wear (and give away!) the bracelets. Sometimes it seems like I don’t even get it on one wrist and something happens to make me put it right back on the other one. Good stuff! So glad you like the idea 🙂

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