A Dime For Your Thoughts

I recently completed training as a Prosperity Coach with the awesome Ellen Rogin.  Among other things, Ellen is a CPA who believes that prosperity is not just about earning and wisely investing money.  While those things are important, a positive, grateful mindset is essential to living a prosperous life.

I have always been a positive, grateful person, yet since working with Ellen, my awareness in this area has increased.  I find I am noticing the little things more and one of those little things is coins.  And it seems as I notice them, whether in my home or on the street, more of them come into my life.

In the past, if I would see a penny on the ground I usually wouldn’t pick it up.  I’d think “I’ll just leave it there for someone else who might appreciate it more~ maybe a little kid.”  Now, not only do I pick up those pennies, I truly feel grateful for them.  Not for what I can buy with them, but for the symbolism behind finding them.  I see it as a gift from the universe, and I gratefully receive it… and I switch my blue bracelet.

A few days ago, while doing laundry, I found a dime at the bottom of the washing machine.  Now while this particular dime was obviously already mine, I still felt happy about finding it.  Later that day, while walking into the grocery store, I found a dime on the ground and gratefully snatched it up.  Still later, I went out for a walk and, you guessed it~ I found another dime.  While 30 cents is hardly anything to celebrate…I did!  I thought it was so cool that I kept finding dimes; not pennies or nickels…not just any coins… dimes!

I honestly felt grateful for that 30 cents; not for what I could buy with it, but for the symbolic significance it held for me.  The truth was, money was coming to me and it seemed the more I appreciated it, the more it came.  Before that day ended, I found one more dime inside my closet, and I went to sleep happy and grateful…and 40 cents richer!

The next day I was on the phone with a friend and she was teasing me about my excitement over the dimes.  She suggested that perhaps I shouldn’t get so excited over such a small amount of money, because the universe might continue sending small amounts, and withhold the big stuff.  It was an interesting thought and as I was responding, she said “Wait!  Hold On!  You are NOT going to believe this, but I just found a dime!!!”

So I’m curious… what do you do when you see money on the ground?  Do you pick it up?  Do you leave it for someone else to find?  Do you feel grateful about it or do you think “What’s that small amount gonna do for me?”  And most important, do you think it’s silly to get all kinds of excited over 4 measly dimes?

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  1. Awesome, Linda! So glad to hear that I’m not the only one who LOVES to find a coin, yes a dime! along my journey!! As I pick up the gift, I smile, give thanks for abundance, and carry it home to a copper mug waiting on my counter for a continuous flow of such gifts!! Finding such a gift reminds me that I also have much to give back to our beautiful world! Thanks!

  2. Love your blog, Linda! After reading “Secrets of the Millionnaire Mind”, I always pick up a coin on the ground, tap my head, and say “I’m a money magnet! I have a millionnaire mind!” I always hope nobody is looking, tho 🙂

    • Thanks Teri, and I love your comment! I love what you do/say when you find a coin~mind if I borrow it? I actually don’t mind if someone sees me~maybe it will inspire them to do the same, as you’ve inspired me 🙂

  3. Linda, like you initially, I always leave it there on the floor. Here goes a full painful, honest disclosure now: I don’t ‘t pick it up because I think if someone sees me doing this they will think I am in need of any money I can find. I want people to think of me as a successful business person so why would I pick money up off the floor? After reading this though I will be shifting my focus and that alone will allow me to be grateful for what I find and not so concerned about what others think.

    • Wow Christie~ your honesty is inspiring. Hadn’t thought about it, but that may also be what I was doing~ thinking someone might think I was desperate for money. Wow!

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