I Was JUST Thinking About Who?

Last night, as I got into my bed, I reached for my cell phone to turn off the ringer.  In the brief moment between when I got the idea to turn it off and when my hand touched the phone, I remembered that I had wanted to call my son earlier, and never got to […]

Happy Birthday To ME!!!

Today, March 23, 2012 2017 is a very special day for me. It is a quarter of a CENTURY THIRTY YEARS since I gave birth to my first little miracle, Whitney. I fully realize it is her birthday, however I feel rather entitled to celebrate as much, perhaps more than she does. Today marks the 25 30 year […]

Ten Little Words

A few weeks ago I was assigned the task of being able to tell someone what I do for a living…in ten words or less. This is quite different from the traditional “elevator pitch,” where we tell someone what we do in 30 seconds or less. Ten words is… not that many. So, on went […]

More Than Inspired~Insfired!

Yesterday I invented a new word by combining Inspired~ aroused with the spirit to do something, as if by divine or supernatural influence, and Fired Up~ excited, enthusiastic and physically motivated. The result…..(drumroll please)…… ~INSFIRED~ feeling totally inspired and completely fired-up at the exact same time.

Want To Feel Better? It’s In The Bag!

Yesterday, a friend asked how she could shake herself out of a “funky” mood.  As we were discussing things she might do, I became profoundly aware of how simple this exercise is if you are prepared; and how utterly impossible it seems if you are not prepared.  So here’s a way you can prepare to […]