Happy Birthday To ME!!!

Today, March 23, 2012 2017 is a very special day for me. It is a quarter of a CENTURY THIRTY YEARS since I gave birth to my first little miracle, Whitney.

I fully realize it is her birthday, however I feel rather entitled to celebrate as much, perhaps more than she does.

Today marks the 25 30 year anniversary of the day I metamorphed (probably not a word) from a mere mortal, into a Mom.

Today marks the day that absolutely EVERYTHING in and about my life changed FOREVER.

Today marks the day that I received THE most miraculous of all gifts known to mankind.

Today marks the day that I became aware of the infinite capacity I have to love another human being.

Today is the 25 30year anniversary of the day I became a Mom and I can only recall two other days, in my entire life, that match the degree of awe I feel as I remember everything this day represents.

Happy Birthday Linda… I mean Whitney 🙂 It is my absolute honor to be your Mombo. Love, love, love and gratitude for 25 30 (Holy Shi-MOLY!!!) years of YOU!




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  1. Linda, I too am feeling what you are today! Today marks 22 years since my precious baby girl was born, and God blessed me with a daughter that is as beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside. It too has been an awesome honor to be her mom.

  2. Happy Birthday Linda and Whitney! A week from today it will be 40 years since I was wandering round in a daze saying in awe, ‘I’m a Dad!’ So let me join a time of grateful celebration for all our wonderful children.

  3. Happy 25th Birthday, Whitney! You are a very special young lady!
    And Happy 25 years of Motherhood to you, Linda! You are an awesome mom and amazing woman.
    As you know I became a mom 10 years ago (3/3)…. and Holy Canoli… No day since then has been as meaningful. My heart is always filled with love and gratitude for the privilege of being jj’s mom.
    xoxo MP

    • Awww, thanks MP! Getting all teary here… Can’t wait for you to launch YOUR blog, so the world can hear your AWESOME story of Momhood!

  4. Recently, I have come across many pictures of our girls as babies and toddlers and they’re wonderful to reminisce! That Mother’s group was a good thing back then! Celebrate her/your special day with lots of LOVE! 😉

    • I LOVE those old pictures, Donna. We had SO MUCH fun when we were first time Mom’s… all those trips to Bethany Beach, pool parties when the Valtin’s cruised through and many New Year’s Eves together. WOW! Great memories with great friends and it all started because of our little girls. xo

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