Ten Little Words

A few weeks ago I was assigned the task of being able to tell someone what I do for a living…in ten words or less. This is quite different from the traditional “elevator pitch,” where we tell someone what we do in 30 seconds or less. Ten words is… not that many. So, on went my thinking cap.

I started thinking about what I actually do as a coach, which turned into a busy, complicated conversation in my head. “I help people set goals. I hold them accountable to take action steps. I help them clarify their vision. I make their agenda my agenda. I help them realize and embrace their potential…..” Blah, blah, BLAH! And bo-ring!

After a little more thought, (and a little copying from Mike Dooley) here’s what I came up with:
I help others understand how their thoughts become their

Much better, Dontcha think?

What do you do for a living? Can you tell us in ten words or less?

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  1. To build on Perg’s great comment: Linda! You are such a powerful “Insfiring” Light changing the world, one thought-to-thing at a time! Your ‘ripple-effect’ is positive vibrational resonance squared!!

    OK – Can I mess about a bit here?
    #1) I empower people to access imagination and ignite their creativity.
    #2) I empower Thought Leaders to believe in their EPIC potential.
    #2) I empower Change Agents to imagine, ignite, and inspire possibilities.

        • Archie, thanks for pointing out that your comments weren’t approved, as I just assumed they were and didn’t check. Oops! Not sure why you would need approval for each comment??? Hmmmmmmm…. LOL at your comment about “poor Pam” Sorry about that, but appreciate you pointing it out

    • Thanks Pam, that’s great…although you may want to see if Archie will loan you the 2 words he didn’t use 🙂

  2. Get up, get dressed, work, come home, eat, and sleep.
    Even joking around, writing that sucked the life out if me!!

  3. Hey Linda,
    I love some of the suggestions up top. I agree that the first one wasn’t specialized enough and doesn’t really speak to your unique gift. From that perspective, there are some amazing options up top. Choose the one that most speaks to you! I’m still working on my own 😀
    [I help athletes and high performers get more wins!]

  4. Great exercise for me, Kara, since I’m seeking employment…. Thanks for the boost! 🙂

    “I connect companies electronically with their customers and suppliers.”

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