You Do NOT Need To Read This Blog…

But I do need to write it. One of the beautiful pearls of wisdom I heard at The Go-Giver Retreat last weekend, came from best-selling author, Mark Sanborn. He said: “Don’t write the blog because others need to read it. Write the blog because you need to write it.”

A Million Dollar Tip For A 40 Minute Trip

Since my usual driver (aka my BFF) was unavailable, I arranged for a car to take me to the airport. As I was walking to the car, the driver said “What time is your flight, cuz we’re gonna hit a LOT of traffic! All week long…TONS of construction on Route 78… it’s horrible!…yesterday it took […]

Want a Fantastic Day? Is It On Your List?

Are you a list maker? Most successful people are. To be more productive and efficient, it really helps to get our tasks out of our head and onto paper.  I have a system I’ve been using for many years, and until something better comes along, I’m sticking with it.  (Details on that can be found […]

How Big Is Big?

This week, a client shared a story about when he wrote down that he wanted “$5000 by the end of the week.”  He wrote that on a card and read it every day.  At the end of the week, when he was beginning to doubt that it was going to happen, a wonderful thing occurred; […]