Want a Fantastic Day? Is It On Your List?

Are you a list maker?
Most successful people are.
To be more productive and efficient, it really helps to get our tasks out of our head and onto paper.  I have a system I’ve been using for many years, and until something better comes along, I’m sticking with it.  (Details on that can be found here)

But here’s an idea that had not occurred to me until today, and I kind of Love It!  The idea is to write down, as one of the six things I commit to accomplish today,

“Have a fantastic day!!!”
(Yep, those three exclamation points are definitely necessary.)

Since I am fairly consistent with accomplishing at least four of my six daily tasks, and since I wrote that next to number three, my logical conclusion is I will accomplish this TODAY~ Yay!!!

By the way, number  two on the list is “write a brief, epic, inspiring blog post.”  I think I’ve nailed the brief part and I hope I’ve inspired you to join me in having a fantastic (or peaceful or prosperous or loving or productive or insightful or fun or relaxing or ……… fill in your blank) day.  And in addition to putting it on your list, share it here and I’ll hold that image for you today 🙂

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  1. Hi Linda,
    Hope you had a great Easter and spent it doing fun things with loved ones.

    What a great item to have on your daily ‘to-do’ list!
    I know so many people actually forget to have a ‘fantastic day’. It is us who chooses to have great, fantastic, brilliant, super, excellent, blinding day!
    We can also choose to have the exact opposite…if we wish. It is entirely up to us. We have the free will to determine it. So having that on our daily list is an apt reminder….until it becomes part of our vibration and we are doing it habitually 🙂

    Well, my day is going just as expected….unbelieveably great!! 🙂
    Thanks, as ever.
    RCH 🙂

    • Thanks Robert! It doesn’t surprise me that your day is going unbelievably great because that’s how you vibrate 🙂
      The only thing that could make it better is, as you put it “magical diarising”. Let’s do that!

  2. Thanks for this Linda, I will definitely add that to my to-do list. Now I just need to work on my daily.. brief, epic and inspiring blog post.. brevity I struggle with and I’m still not managing ‘daily’ but that gives me plenty to strive for!

    • Thanks Michelle. Have you thought about going for once a week blog posts, rather than daily? When I committed to 3 times/week, I usually fell short (and felt…less than terrific!). Since I re-committed to 1 or 2 times a week, I have been successful. Most important, I FEEL good about it! Just a thought…. Thanks so much for stopping by. I’m enjoying exploring your site 🙂

  3. Hey Linda,

    Nice blog. I would like a copy of the pdf that you created.

    Since you are alreadying having a fantastic day I will end with.

    Have a Margarita,


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