Be Careful When Your Inspiration Turns Into Aspiration

“Inspiration never acted upon remains an aspiration”

I read that quote this morning on my friend, Melissa Malueg’s blog and it really got me thinking.  I thought about it so much that I actually felt inspired to write about it.  And here’s what I’m thinking.

Aspirations are good, right?  
When we aspire to do something, we long for it; we want it; we begin to fantasize about being or doing or having it… which is good!  

But here’s the thing:
Unless we are motivated to act on that aspiration, nothing happens; it remains a dream, a hope, a wish. On second thought, something does happen; If we don’t act on an aspiration and it remains a wish or a hope, eventually we don’t FEEL GOOD.  And when we’re not feeling good, we’re not vibrating good and therefore not attracting good.  Oy vey!

Here’s an example:
I liked what I read this morning and I felt inspired to write this blog. In other words, Melissa’s inspiration prompted an aspiration to write this post.
I took action and turned that aspiration into a real thing.

But here’s what might have happened:

  • I liked what I read, felt inspired and then aspired to write about it. (That FEELS GOOD)
  • I decided I just didn’t have the time to write this morning.  (The GOOD FEELING is diminishing)
  • I tell myself  “It won’t take that long.  Just go do it.  You know you always FEEL GOOD when you write a post.  Just do it!” (FEELS GOOD again)
  • I decide my schedule is too busy today and I’ll just do it tomorrow… or the next day… or the next….. (Not so good)
  • Since I hadn’t “scheduled” early morning inspiration today, I begin to rationalize why it’s OK not to write this morning, how I might have to give up something later in the day if I take the time to write now, how I need to stick to my schedule or I won’t get everything done… blah, blah, blah! 

All that thinking made me feel

So I come to this conclusion:
ASPIRATION is ONLY GOOD if  we take action on it.

What do you think?
Have I inspired you?
Has that inspiration turned to aspiration?
What action will you take (or not  take) and how does that make you feel?
Wanna FEEL GOOD? Just do it!  You have the time.  Right now!

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  1. Hi Linda,
    Fantastic observation!
    Inspiration, aspiration, action…. Whenever I get inspired to do something, the first thing that I do is to write it down. Then depending upon the ‘size’ of the idea, will depend upon the urgency of my action. We know that an idea just ‘is’, but if I am receiving some great energy when I visualise the idea, then I know that it as to be acted upon immediately. I will look at my timetable for the day or next few days and schedule some time in for it. If it is a great idea then I know I may be looking at either a few very early mornings and some late nights!!!
    As you so rightly say, the key to convert the two is ACTion!!
    Have a great day Linda!
    RCH 🙂

    • Hey Robert, thanks for this great addition of thoughts. I do a similar thing, regarding writing down my inspired thoughts, especially when I don’t have time for them, at that moment. I trust the intuition and respect it enough to write down those ideas as they come. Even if I don’t take action on them that day or the next or maybe even that week, as long as I’ve written it down, it won’t be lost. And sometimes I will get up early or stay up late to take that action. I KNOW you are great at that…especially the staying up late part 🙂
      CHEERS Robert.

  2. Not to mention all the time that’s wasted with all that self-talk justifying why it’s okay to wait until later or tomorrow to do what you’re inspired to do. When we do that, we set ourselves up to create a negative behavior pattern called “procrastination.” I could easily fall into this pattern if I allowed it. You’ll sometimes here me muttering to myself, “just do it.”

    • Thanks Julia, you bring up a great point which is the time (and energy!)we waste with that self-talk. So glad you stopped by 🙂

  3. Hey Linda,
    Thanks for the mention in your GREAT post! I love how you broke it down and articulated the process we all go through. Acting on our inspiration is such a gift we give ourselves and others, isn’t it!? Thanks for writing this post today, it makes my heart smile that you took action on something I shared with you!! It’s a coach’s dream come true, isn’t it! haha! Keep Inspiring and Making a Difference my friend! xo

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