HOW Are You Going To Do That?

If there is one thing that seems to hold people back from going for something they truly want, it’s a little word called HOW.  Many people are hesitant to set a goal, because they don’t see a way HOW it could happen.  And we have been conditioned to believe that we need to know how, before we embark on something new.  Well, I’m here to tell you “No, we don’t.”  


As you may know, I host a weekly radio show on BlogTalkRadio. Each week I chat with (no disrespect intended) normal, ordinary people.  My guests share a story of achieving something they wanted.  These goals range from international speaking gigs to $60,000 unexpected income in 30 days to finding and affording new office space.  It makes no difference how big or small the goal is.  What does make a difference is how each one of them, consciously or unconsciously, followed the same four-step process to get there:

  1. THOUGHTS: Every story of achievment begins with a thought.  We get a thought, an idea and then we begin to get emotionally involved with that idea, which causes
  2. FEELINGS: We start imagining what it will feel like to have that thing.  We fantasize about it, which helps us to get more ideas… and then more ideas.  When we feel happy, hopeful, optimistic, excited about the possibilities, our vibration improves and that vibration moves our body into
  3. ACTION: And it’s that action, that produces our 
The other thing all my guests had in common is none of them knew HOW they were going to achieve their goal.  I am not saying they didn’t have ideas or plans or strategies, because most of them did.  But what’s interesting (and by “interesting” I mean down-right-AMAZING!) is what showed up, came out of the blue to move them towards their goal, which they never could have planned or predicted.  Down right AMAZING!
I believe that if we just consider the idea that we don’t need to know HOW we are going to accomplish something, we would see a lot more people setting, achieving and gratefully celebrating their goals.
What do you believe?
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  1. It’s funny Linda because when I first started my goals down, I didn’t realize I shouldn’t be so stuck to the plan. It was just an automatic response to say “ok… this is what I want, now how am I going to get there”. I didn’t think NOT ding it was an option. Ever since I have been more attached to the goal than the plan and it’s funny how things have come to me that I NEVER would have expected 🙂

    • I think most people do exactly that, Christie: they choose the goal and then they get to work on the “how”. Making the change to focusing on the end result, instead of the process opens up limitless possibilities. I enjoy watching you do just that 🙂

  2. Hi Linda,
    This has got to be one of my favourite subjects.
    The more that I can detach myself from the, ‘How am I going to get this done?’ state of mind, the more I things I experience that further reinforces to me that there are forces available to us, to assist us, during our time here.
    It is great to know that help is available and once you really BELIEVE this to be true, hey presto, another few ‘coincidental situations’ will show up in you life in your favour.
    Isn’t Life magical!
    RCH 🙂

  3. Completely agree with you Linda – hit me tonight after re-reading your post, that many, if not all of us have been conditioned since birth to focus on the HOW – from parents & teachers (i.e. “How are you going to get good grades if you don’t study hard?”), to traditional education institutions (“How are you going to get a good job if you don’t go to college?” or “How are you going to start a new business if you don’t have capital?”), and even from our own peer groups (“How are you going to be that… do that… have that…”) and the list goes on and on.

    What IF… instead of asking someone “HOW”, we replaced it with “WOW”! Sure changes the emphasis of the question and opens up the opportunity for a ‘Feeling’ response. – Thank you for that little ‘Ah ha’ moment! 🙂

  4. Linda,
    Your wonderful topics invite so much discussion. Thank you! As I read this post I kept thinking of a term coined by Mike Dooley, creator of TUT (Totally Unique Thoughts) and author of Notes from The Universe. He uses the term “cursed Hows” – I went in search of how he explains this. I found a quote and a Youtube that supports exactly what you are saying,
    “.. if we just consider the idea that we don’t need to know HOW we are going to accomplish something…” We are a tribe of believers in changing the ‘cursed Hows’ to (using Julie Larson’s idea) WOWs!

    I thought you’d enjoy these:

    WHAT ARE “cursed Hows?” Answers from Mike Dooley:

    When you dreams of ‘end results’, keep it general! If you dream of wealth and abundance, friends and laughter, health and harmony, then please, by all means attach yourself to them. Attach, attach and attach. There is no limit to what you can have and no reason to expect anything less.

    But when your end results are specific, like your best friends husband, or a specific home on Lamberts Cove Road, do not attach, do not attach, do not attach! Material details and specifics are always ‘how’ to get to a grander picture of your life and are never important in and of themselves.

    They are “CURSED HOWS” disguised as end results and they are steps disguised as destinations. By all means, think of them, put them on your vision boards to remind yourself of the kind of possessions and adventures that are your birthright.

    But do not give them a greater importance – through attachment – greater than what you are truly after. Because what you truly are after, is a fuller richer life with all cups running over. When this is your end goal, the details will take care of themselves.

    • Tink, thank you SO much for this awesome addition. I love Mike Dooley and really appreciate you taking the time to share his content here. This is one of the things I love about this blog~ the comments from the awesome people like you 🙂

  5. Ok…something just happened while posting and so I hope I don’t send duplicate posts but….BRAVO, BRILLIANT and FABULOUS as always and NO…I’m not making that stuff up!
    Well done Linda…2013 COACH OF THE YEAR WINNER!

    • Wow Gina, you really DID like this post… enough to leave 2 very kind comments. LOL Both are much appreciated! And BTW, love YOUR latest post 🙂

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