When You’re Down You Gotta GET UP!

This is my first post in over two months.  One of the things I emphasize to people who want to blog is the need for consistency, yet I fell off the wagon.

So what happened???  Why have I been quiet? For the same reason clients miss appointments or friends cancel lunch dates or colleagues don’t return phone calls when they’re struggling; we (or at least I) feel, for lack of a better word, embarrassed when life throws us a curve ball and it knocks us down for longer than we feel it should.

You might assume that because I am a coach and a teacher of how to handle those curve balls, that I can field them with ease and grace.

We all need help when we’re stuck, yet often that’s when we hesitate to ask. We don’t want to bother anyone; we don’t want to whine and complain. Fortunately, I have three awesome Master Mind partners who gave me understanding, encouragement and support, along with a good, swift kick in the butt! Without that resource, I probably wouldn’t be writing this post today.  And I absolutely, positively would not have published my first ebook.

I’m gonna say that a little louder

And yes, I AM EXCITED!!!
The title is The Law of Attraction is B.S.* and you can read it here.

What’s interesting is I actually recovered from the curve ball by applying the Basic, Simple (forgot to mention, that’s what the B.S. stands for!) principles I write about in this sweet, little (only 16 pages) book.  I did what I encourage others to do when they are feeling down; I Got Up!!!

Depending on the curve ball and our ability to field it, we might need to get up physically (off the floor or out of the bed or the chair) but we definitely need to get up vibrationally; even before we get up to move.

Here’s the great thing about being back~ Once we’re back, we’re back!  Shifting from that yucky stuck place to being back on the track~ any track~ feels so good.  And that good feeling has the power to take us miles and miles and miles down the road.

Huge thanks to all who let me know they’ve missed reading my blog posts.  That was a catalyst which shortened my “down time” and I truly appreciate it. :-)


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21 Responses to When You’re Down You Gotta GET UP!

  1. Barbara

    I am thrilled to be one of the butt kickers. Congratulations Linda! Now I need to read again for umm, personal reasons! XO

  2. Jean

    Read your blog, thought of this. You new theme song perhaps. :-)

  3. Great post and sooo true about just because we are coaches doesn’t mean we don’t get curve balls. And Absolutely Master Minds are the best teamwork out there.
    Kudos to You on Your EBook and this post.

  4. Great to have you back. We all go through highs and lows throughout our lives. It’s what we do with them that counts.

    I bought your book and I love it.

  5. Way to go on the first published book! So great to have a coach butt-kicking ya– I know that feeling and it’s great!

    • Linda Ryan

      Thanks so much, Karen. I was so happy to learn about Pressbooks from you…and not a moment too soon. Thanks again!

  6. Great post. We may know about the truth about like attracts like, however when things get rough, it is easy to forget. I will check out your ebook and congrats.
    Miriam Slozberg (@msmir) recently posted..Five Hours of SolitudeMy Profile

    • Linda Ryan

      Miriam, thank you so much for the comment AND for checking out my book! It’s so true…even when we KNOW better, it’s not so easy to DO better.

  7. Mary

    Great post, Lindar! I definitely go MIA when I’m in a slump. I avoid everyone and everything until I can pull myself out of it. You know many of my tricks (exercise, a trip to the salon, …. and my best way out is to listen to Ester:) Thanks for bringing her (them) into my life. Glad you are back… and you have motivated me to write an Ebook:) xoxo

    • Linda Ryan

      Thanks MP! So excited to read your book. The world needs those invaluable “Dressing for Success” tips that you think of as common knowledge. We ALL have a book (or 10!) inside us. PS. I do know your tricks ;-)

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