Ask (or… just write it down) and It Is Given

We all know the phrase “Ask and it is given,” but this is a case of “Write it down and it is given.” I LOVE this story and I hope you will too!

A few months ago, my youngest daughter moved into her first apartment. After gathering up what furniture she had and collecting assorted pieces from friends and relatives, the only thing they needed was a kitchen table and chairs. My “dining room set” was really more of a kitchen set and I told her she could have it.

She was THRILLED, but worried what I would do without it. I said “With Jack away at school, I really don’t use it and even when he’s home, we usually eat in the kitchen. As long as I get a dining room table by Thanksgiving, we’ll be fine.” In my mind, I thought I would keep my eyes open for an inexpensive table and chairs to put in the dining room, before Thanksgiving.

A couple of weeks ago, when I realized it was almost October, it occurred to me that Thanksgiving was getting closer and I needed to start looking for that table. I wrote on my $25K Sheet “Look for dining room table,” because once something goes on that list, I know it will get done.

It says "Looking to get rid of my parents' antique dining room set......"

It says “Looking to get rid of my parents’ antique dining room set……”

About an hour (yup, just one hour!)later, while on Facebook, I noticed this post from a friend whom I haven’t seen in too many years. I could hardly believe it! I messaged her immediately, telling her I might be interested and asking how much she wanted for it. Her reply was “Well I’m asking $5,000, but for you it’s free!” WHAT?!?! Cut to the chase, she is EXTREMELY funny (and generous!) and she was truly just wanting to get it out of her garage and basement and was happy to give it to me.

It gets better!

She said I should come over and look at it, to make sure I liked it. I asked her if this was the table that she grew up with and she said it was. I told her I didn’t need to see it. I said “Joanne, you’re Italian (I’m guessing she already knew that) and I’ve been at Italian dining room tables. And I know how much love and laughter and food and wine has been around that table. I would be honored to bring it, and all that beautiful energy into my home! 

Dining Room

But it still gets better!

28 years ago, when I got married, my parents gave us a beautiful set of Lenox china. When I got divorced and moved here, that beautiful china went in the WAY back of my laundry room closet, where it has stayed for eight years. It wasn’t until I was dusting out the china cabinet that I even remembered I had china. O…M…G!!!

So in addition to the beautiful “Italian Table” energy, I also have the beautiful “Gift from my Parents” energy in this home now!

Isn’t that a GREAT story? And isn’t this a BEAUTIFUL dining room set? Heck, I just might throw a dinner party! Did I mention it comes with not one, not two, but three leaves! I could comfortably fit 20 people at this table! And the coolest part is, I didn’t even have to ask…and it was given. Seriously, does it get any better than that?



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10 Responses to Ask (or… just write it down) and It Is Given

  1. Jean


    Thanks for the reminder that all we have to do is write it down. It’s so simple why do we make it so hard.

    • Linda Ryan

      Jean, I don’t think it’s that we find it hard, I think, for some reason (which I understand much clearer since Outwitting the Devil came into my life) we just stop. Crazy! And I know YOU know that we have to do more than just write it down, but writing it down does seem to move things along faster, doesn’t it?

  2. Mary

    Love that story, Linda! And you so need to have a dinner party! So I guess you found a truck to get the table from Joanne’s home to Chez Ryan? Ask and you shall receive! ….and absolutely WRITE IT DOWN. Bon Appetite.
    P.s. Thanks for asking our Outwitting the Devil group to write down our goal and send to you!

    • Linda Ryan

      Thanks MP! Actually I hired movers, which turned out to be a GREAT idea. Too complicated trying to organize handsome men and trucks. Hahahaha. I’ll send you an invite for dinner :-)

  3. Linda, This post came at a great time for me. Me ,of all people should know how powerful writing things down are! I have recited story after story to you about my powerful writing. Your post inspired me to break out my Magic Journal where all things come true! Big Hugs!
    Michelle Colon-Johnson recently posted..Work Is A Money WordMy Profile

    • Linda Ryan

      Ohhhhhhh, the Magic Journal! I think it’s amazing how we get so much benefit from writing…and somehow we stop. Glad you’ll be starting again, Michelle and thanks for the comment :-)

  4. I love this story! So cool all those great “people” will still be sharing meals with you :)

  5. Ed

    You have inspired me to start writing things down more often, thanks Linda other great story

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