What You Appreciate Appreciates

This was the beautiful scene I enjoyed on Friday

This was the beautiful scene I enjoyed on Friday

That’s a quote from the book E2 by Pam Grout. This week my master mind partners and I are doing the last experiment, which is called “The Fish & Loaves Principle.”  The hypothesis is that
if I change my outlook and make a concerted effort to look for goodness, beauty and abundance, it will show up in spades”.  Like it? Tweet it! :-)
SPOILER ALERT: Every page of this book will improve your outlook on life

One of the great things about living on the East Coast is the beauty and abundance we get to experience each year, when the leaves change color, in the Autumn. People come from all over the country, to see the beautiful fall foliage here.

Reading E2 has made me much more perceptive and aware of, well……everything, so I enjoyed the leaves this Autumn, more than ever.

I happened to read this experiment right before I fell asleep (which I highly recommend, btw!), so when I woke up the next morning, right before I got out of bed, I was contemplating this idea of looking for goodness, beauty and abundance.

I actually thought about those trees and how this beautiful scene couldn’t possibly be more beautiful today, as many of the leaves would have fallen off, during the night.

I was right about the leaves falling off, and oh-so-wrong about it being less beautiful

I was right about the leaves falling off, and oh-so-wrong about it being less beautiful

As my feet hit the floor, I turned to open the blinds and this is what I saw. The bare trees in the foreground are the exact same trees you see in the first picture. I had “logically” assumed that the “scene” would be less beautiful, because the leaves were sure to be gone.

I was half-right. The leaves were gone! What I had not assumed was the way the early morning sun would vibrantly illuminate the trees across the lake. Or the colorful reflection these trees would make on the water. Or the awe that would come over me, as I witnessed this exquisite landscape.

I can’t help but think what other assumptions I might be making, based on “logic.”

Reading E2 and doing the experiments has expanded my mind, improved my perception and increased my awareness of everything in my world.
Have you read it yet?


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8 Responses to What You Appreciate Appreciates

  1. Linda,
    I love that quote and your post. Great photos too! Thank you for introducing me to Pam’s book E2. I just started reading it.

    • Linda Ryan

      Yay, Kathy! It’s funny, I actually thought you were one of the people who told me about it. Please let me know how you like it. My prediction is…LOVE! Thanks :-)

  2. Amy Wells

    Okay, you hooked me. I am getting the audio book tonight! :) This is a fabulous post.

    • Linda Ryan

      That’s great, Amy~you will LOVE it!!! Especially right after reading Outwitting the Devil. Can’t wait to hear about your insights! Thanks!

  3. It’s a brilliant book! I’ve manifested so many different things since reading it! ladybirds, money, parking ticket cancelled, tennis balls for the dogs, to name but a few! Love the post!

    • Linda Ryan

      Hahaha, it’s funny the “randomness” of this things you’ve manifested, Janet. My list includes orange boats and priests, haha. I agree with you~ the book is BRILLIANT! Cheers :-)

  4. O my Gosh outwitting the devil was intense….Think and Grow rich and Master key to riches is my success story for life…I love Bob Proctor his book Born Rich soon….I found your book The Law of attraction is B.S. was a real attraction ..and then there you where and now here I am….”like attracts Like”…Linda Ohotto

    • Linda Ryan

      Linda, that is SO cool! Thanks so much for letting me know and for attracting me into your world…or did I attract you? :-D

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