What’s Your Sign?

This is one of those You-don’t-need-to-read-it-but-I-need-to-write-it posts. Today, I want/NEED to write about what happens when someone dies; more specifically, about the “signs” we receive after they’re gone.

I first became interested in this 26 years ago, when my Mom passed away very suddenly. The “signs” were immediate and abundant and, although less frequent, they continue to this day. I assumed that’s just what happens when you lose someone you are so utterly close to. Those signs gave me great comfort and reassurance that my Mom was not just…dead. I KNEW and finally BELIEVED that there is life beyond this physical existence on earth. I had my proof and I’ve remained very grateful for that.

Through the years, I have experienced what we would call “signs” when other people have died; sometimes people I haven’t even met or hardly even knew. Whenever possible, I share the sign with the person who has lost the loved one, as I hope it brings them a sense of comfort and happiness.

I had one of these signs yesterday and I just cannot stop thinking about it.

A very dear friend of mine lost her beautiful sister very suddenly and tragically this week. I never met Gina, but I knew a lot about her because my friend, Julie talked about her all the time. They were as close as any sisters I’ve known and their relationship was enviable. My heart was aching for Julie and I had no words to express that to her. I felt rather helpless to do or say anything to help.

And then I got a sign.

ImageRather than retell the story, here is the message I posted to Julie on Facebook. I couldn’t just call her up to tell her, because she is in Hong Kong, visiting her son who is studying there this year. I know being that far away and unable to get back home until tomorrow has made this even harder for her and the rest of her family

photo-7And here is a picture of the ornament that escaped my eagle-eye search last year. I “never” leave any ornaments on the tree. I thoroughly check each branch before it goes in the box. Despite my checking, this one ornament remained. And not just any ornament; a beautiful angel!

I literally gasped when I saw it. And then I cried. To me it said “I love it that you’re thinking of me Linda, even though we hadn’t met. Tell Julie how much I love and appreciate her. And tell her I am fine and happy and blissful. Not too many tears, just love.” I spent the rest of the day and most of today just thinking about how utterly cool Gina’s sign was.

I know of many people who have had signs from their loved ones who have passed on. (Here’s a post I wrote about the sign my friend Tony got when he lost his sister last year… right around this time…hmmmm) Although nothing can eliminate the devastation of losing someone you love, I believe these signs have a way of turning some of that grief into comfort and peace. They have for me and I hope for you.

I’d love to hear about your sign, if you’d like to share it in the comment section. And if you’re grieving someone you’ve lost, my wish is that they send you (or me~ I’ll be sure and tell you!) a sign during this magical, although difficult if you’re missing someone, time of year.

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