Facebook Prevents Dementia!

 Last week, my friend Sara posted her advice about preventing dementia on Facebook. (Click on the picture to see what she wrote)


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  1. I am elated that MaryAnn and Anthony both helped me with Facebook. MaryAnn never doubted me .Anthony being Anthony would get frustated at time. Its sometime lonely even that I do have many friends I’m grateful for that talk to me on the telephone.I love being in contact with all of you.I think that I say you have to try . Dementia scares me.I have two friends I see its happening too.Knowing so many young people around me helps too.Thank you Linda.

    • Linda Ryan

      Ohhhhhhhh Sara, you are THE BEST! (Now you can add “blog commenting” to your resume!) You have nothing to worry about~ Dementia wouldn’t DARE get close to you! xoxo

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