Coincidence is in the Eye of the Beholder

Don’t you just love “coincidence”?

The dictionary defines coincidence as “a chance occurrence of events, remarkable either for being simultaneous or for apparently being connected.” I define coincidence as an uncanny, inexplicable connection of two or more events, which make you say “Whoa, that is so cool!”  One of these occurred last week…

A close friend’s 92 year old Mom passed away. Although her passing was imminent, it certainly wasn’t expected just seconds after I told him “I feel she will pass when you are with her.” He was at her bedside and had called me just to say hi. The next thing we knew, she had taken her last breath.

I hopped in my car and drove to her home to say a final goodbye and give my friend a big hug. Afterwards, as I sat in the living room with his family, I became acutely aware of all the religious statues and rosary beads throughout the area. These items had always been there, yet they never seemed as prominent as they did at that moment.
“Is it just me, or does it seem like there’s a lot more religious stuff in the house?” I don’t think anyone answered me.

On my drive home, I was thinking about the whole “death thing.” I’m mystified with what happens after we pass on and I found myself having what I thought was a one-way conversation with Rosie, my friend’s Mom. I asked her the same question I would ask my kids when they were teenagers and would call to check in. (This may sound like three questions, but I always considered it just one): “Where are ya, what’re ya doin’, who are you with?”

My question “coincided” with a stop-go traffic situation at a one-lane bridge. I noticed the shiny new car in front of me and admired how clean and pretty it was… except for that unsightly dent in the right rear bumper. “Awwwww, what a shame on such a pretty new car,” I thought as the car pulled forward and waited its turn. I pulled forward and had a second glance. This time  I thought “Is that a dent? Or is it a decal of some sort?” They pulled up, then I pulled up and this time I thought “Am I hallucinating, or is that the Blessed Virgin Mary?!?!”

At this point, the new car took its turn and proceeded under the bridge. I had to wait my turn and hoped I could catch another glimpse to confirm what the heck that was! I sped through and turned the corner and caught up to that car, which turned into a development close to mine. I followed, hoping it would reach its destination and stop… which it finally did! I pulled up behind it and hopped out of my car to take this picture.

Image 1

Think of the timing ~ the combination of leaving the house at the exact moment I did, making or not making the lights to put me behind that car, the unavoidable slow down at the one-lane bridge, my eyes catching the glimpse of that bumper, the driver parking within a mile of the bridge…. all within moments of me posing my question to Rosie.

Some may say I “read too much into things,” but I choose to believe that this decal was not a coincidence, but rather a sign from Rosie. A sign that says “I may be gone, but I can hear you and I put this in your path to let you know.”

So that’s what I think.
What do you think?”

PS. I love this stuff!


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    • Sherry, thank you for this thoughtful comment. Another thing that makes life rich and abundant is knowing you 🙂

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