When the Student is Ready, the MOUSE Appears?

Sometimes we learn the greatest lessons when we’re unaware a new teacher has appeared.   In my case, the teacher was this teeny-tiny, itsy-bitsy mouse. And he showed up, uninvited, in my laundry room a few months ago.     So small. So harmless. So. Incredibly. Terrifying.   I’ve been through some tough stuff in […]


Try Not Trying

I was going to start by saying “I consider myself a bit of a wordsmith…” but then I looked up the definition (an expert in the use of words) and decided against it.   Instead, I’ll call myself a word-noticer. Doesn’t roll off the tongue like wordsmith, but it’s more accurate.   I tend to […]

untethered soul

Contemplating Death

I just finished reading (and enthusiastically recommend) “the untethered soul,” by Michael A. Singer. And today I want to tell you about my favorite chapter, titled Contemplating Death. I like it so much and feel it’s so important, that I recorded it for you to hear. Just click on the arrow below to hear the […]


How I Fell in Love…with The Potato Detox

On February 6th, I embarked on a 30-day healthy eating program, which is basically eating like a vegan, minus the nuts and oils. No meat. No dairy. No eggs. No fun, or so one might think. We kicked it off with a Potato Feast, where the only things we ate for five days, were potatoes.  […]


Gratitude And Prozac Have This In Common

Gratitude and Prozac both help Depression! Yesterday I read a great article which says that when we feel grateful, we boost our levels of the neurotransmitters, serotonin and dopamine. These are the same chemicals found in most widely used antidepressants. When we’re depressed, our bodies are usually deficient in dopamine and/or serotonin. These are the […]


Can You See a Sign if Your Eyes are Closed?

Question: Can you see a sign if your eyes are closed? Answer: Yes, as long as your mind is open. I absolutely love hearing about signs people receive after losing a loved one, and there’s a few reasons I sometimes blog about them… Most people (not all) find those kind of stories heart-warming and inspiring. Sure, […]


Want to Help Someone? Try Some Positive Thinking

Do you know someone who struggles during the holidays? Or someone who may be struggling during this holiday? Or someone who is struggling, in general? If so, this quote from Abraham will allow you to help them more:   “If you intend to be of assistance, your eye is not upon the trouble but upon […]


Read This Before (AND After) You Vote

I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess that, no matter who you vote for, you’re probably very happy that it’s a.l.m.o.s.t. over. Never have we seen or felt such emotion towards two candidates. The energy is palpable, ranging from intense love to intense hate, and the gap between them is wide. (Key word ~ […]


Setting Your Intention vs Just Wanting Something

Setting an intention for something you want is a bit different then just wanting it. It’s the difference between saying “I’d like to figure out how to get this,” and saying “I want this today, thank you very much.” Do you see the difference? The first is wishing and simultaneously wondering how, and the second […]


When It Comes to Boxes, Inside is the New Outside

When it comes to boxes, inside is the new outside Over the past few months, I’ve been connected with some new and rather unexpected teachers, lessons, philosophy and tools. Book after book, teacher after teacher, lesson after lesson ~ all of them seem to be finding their way to me; connecting and resonating with me. […]