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How a Magician’s Scarf Kept Me Motivated; a Metaphor from E-Squared

scarfWhile putting the finishing touches on my newest coaching program, I gained some great insight from a metaphor in the book E-Squared, by Pam Grout. (I LOVE when that happens!) Grout says…

“…Think of a magician pulling a scarf through a hole. If you can just grab ahold of one tiny end, you can pull it all the way through. That’s all it takes~ one itty-bitty end. Decide what you want and keep focusing until you’ve pulled it all the way through.”

When I set a new goal I get excited and motivated, imagining what it will look and feel like when I achieve it. And I get busy moving towards it; taking the action steps I believe will move me in the direction of it.

Yet somewhere along the line, I can feel discouraged, as things don’t appear to be “happening.” I can become de-motivated and start entertaining the voice in my head that’s saying “You can’t do this… Maybe it’s too big… What’s the use? Try something else… blah, blah, BLAH!”

But this week, I kept thinking of that metaphor and it really helped me to stay focused and productive. Although that voice kept chiming in, it didn’t sound quite as loud. When I heard it (you hear voices too, right?), I would remind myself of the scarf and tell myself (you talk to yourself too, right?) “You don’t have to pull it all the way through right now; just hold on to that corner!”

Holding on to that itty-bitty little corner is very do-able, even if we’re feeling discouraged.
And holding on is the polar opposite of letting go or, in this case, giving up

I discovered that telling myself to “just hold on to the corner” gave me more motivation than I ever would have imagined! And with that increased motivation came the strength to give it a good, firm tug here and there.

And, just like the metaphor, the holding on and the tugging advanced that scarf through the hole. I still can’t see the other end completely, but I see much more of it than I would have if I hadn’t kept pulling.

How do you like this metaphor?
Do you have one of your own that helps you when you feel discouraged? I’d love to hear it!

My 6-week Groups on E-Squared begin this week and there’s still a few spots left. I’d love to have your “E” join us~ here’s all the info.!



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It’s Always/Never a Good Time

alwaysneverAs I put the finishing touches on my next master mind program and choose the day/time/start date, in my mind it feels like it is always-never a good time to promote something new. When you think about it, there’s always some reason why this day or that month or this time would not be desirable. Continue reading


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What Didn’t Go Wrong?

fallThis morning, as I walked down the stairs to make the coffee and start my day, I nearly fell. I caught myself and no harm was done, except for an abrupt WAKE UP from the Universe. GOOOOOOOD Morning!!!
Continue reading

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Are you in the Habit of Being Happy?

Image 1

RN’s, Pharmacists, Psychologists and Nurse Educators can receive Continuing Medical Education credits for attending a seminar on The Habits of Happy People :-)

There is something validating, even empowering about having the medical community acknowledge the health benefits of positive thinking and being happy. The brochure on the left outlines the advantages to our overall well-being related to developing habits which make us HAPPY!

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If You Don’t Want It, Don’t Say It!

I recently listened to a really great seminar on Prosperity and the teacher said something which I thought was simply brilliant.

“If you don’t want it, don’t say it.”

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A Tale of Two Clients

We’ve all probably heard the saying “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.”  How about “When the teacher is ready, the student appears”?  Or more accurately, “When the teacher is ready, the student teaches.”   Continue reading


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What Are You Thinking?

I’m currently working with several people who are enjoying “The Strangest Secret,” by Earl Nightingale.  Yesterday, I read a few quotes from the book and asked a client to choose one that resonates with him.  He chose the following, by Ralph Waldo Emerson…

“A man is what he thinks about all day long” Continue reading


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If You Don’t Like Salmon, Don’t Order Salmon

YUK. I hate salmon!

Imagine reading the menu in a fabulous restaurant.  There are so many delicious things to choose from.  You can have steak or chicken or lobster or pasta or the big salad or perhaps… salmon.   Continue reading


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Is Your Help Really Helpful?

In preparation for the final week of my Vortex Meditation Workshop, I was re-reading the Chapter on relationships and the following quote reminded me of how important my thinking is when I want to help someone.  Abraham says: Continue reading


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When You’re Out Of Alignment Do You Get An Adjustment?

“The emotion you feel is always about the vibrational variance between where you want to be and where you are. If you’re out of balance, there are only two ways to bring yourself into alignment: Either raise your expectation to match your desire-or lower your desire to match your expectation.” ~Abraham Continue reading


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