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How I Sold My House in a Week!

There’s an important DISCLAIMER at the end of this post, so be sure to read till the very end.

I’ve been working hard for the past couple of weeks (painting, carpeting, repairing, cleaning, cleaning, cleaning…), getting my house ready to sell. My vision has always been that when I was finally (been “thinking about it” for years) ready, I would sell it within a week.

Yeah… so that was my vision; in fact, it was my 30 Day Goal for my Strangest Secret Test, back in May. 60 days later…Voilá!

My realtor, who happens to be a student of the work I do, texted me last week and said “I have a realtor-slash-friend who is working with a couple looking for a 3 bedroom townhouse, in your town. When I told them the price, they asked if they could see it before it goes on the market.”

One thing I’ve learned in preparing my house for sale, is that I will never, not-in-a-million-years-EVER feel like it’s ready. I felt a little uneasy letting them see it before the new vanity was installed, before the cleaners came and before I had a chance to replace all the ugly, white lightswitch covers. But I remembered a line from the movie The Secret, where Joe Vitale says

“The Universe likes speed,”

so I said “YES!”

They came.
They liked it.
They came back the next night.
They submitted an offer (full asking price, all cash).

Before I had a chance to accept the offer, two more couples came through and those two couples also liked it, and now I am involved in a bidding competition and will sell my house this week, for 10% more than my list price.


DISCLAIMER: Everything in this post is true, except for what is in red; nothing in red has happened yet, but it is what I WANT to happen.

Notice, I did not make the “sell my house this week…” part red. That’s because, in my mind, it has already happened. The time I spend THINKING about and FEELING about it happening, sets up a vibration and that vibration goes to work.

This is (if I do say so, myself) an excellent example of a technique I learned from Bob Proctor and Paul Martinelli, called MSU ~ Make Stuff Up! I encourage my clients to use this technique when they write in their journals and it’s a practice which, when I do it consistently, feels just like magic.

My new house at the Jersey Shore.

My new house at            the Jersey Shore

Perfect timing, because I am currently at a “magical” time in my life (selling my house, moving to the beach, empty nest, single and ready to eat a Pringle…) and MSU is not only fun, but I believe, I know it’s making things happen faster.

Give it a whirl. Here’s the “How-To MSU” post I wrote about it. Let me know how it goes and I will do the same. :-)


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GRATITUDE is Always the Answer

Pam Grout is the amazingly awesome author of #1 NY Times Bestseller E-Squared: Nine Do-It-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality, and yesterday I had the pleasure of speaking with her. Continue reading


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Memorial Day is for Remembering

Here in the U.S., it is Memorial Day; a national holiday which, to many, means a day off from work, a backyard barbecue and the beginning of Summer. But the reason for the holiday is to honor and remember American soldiers who lost their lives, protecting our freedom. Continue reading


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A 30-Day Test for the Law of Attraction

Strangest SecretIn The Strangest Secret, Earl Nightingale challenges us to take a 30-Day Test, and that test begins this week for my Strangest Secret students. Each participant has chosen a 30-Day Goal and will begin their 30-Day Test on April 22nd. Continue reading


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A FUNNY Way to Eliminate Worry

Do you have any worry, doubts or fears?
Me either.

laughterHahahaha, of course we do~ we’re human!

Well here’s an easy, fun way to eliminate or, at the very least, minimize the vibrational impact those negative thoughts have… Continue reading


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Annoyed? Think INSIDE the Box

Last week in my Outwitting the Devil classes, we discussed something the devil says about Definiteness of Purpose, which is essential for our success. He says:

“Anyone who submits to annoyance by things he does not want is not definite. He is a drifter.”
(FYI, being a drifter is not a good thing.)
Continue reading


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My Bad Day was a Great Day~ Relatively Speaking

Two weeks ago I did something absolutely terrifying~ a webinar.

A webinar is like a teleseminar, except instead of speaking into a telephone, you speak into a microphone on your computer. And instead of being invisible, participants can actually see you and your slides.

Unless they can’t. Continue reading


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What Time is Happy Hour? RIGHT NOW!

Image 1This quote has been taped to the shelf on my desk for at least a year or two…maybe three! I sit at my desk every single day, yet I haven’t actually read this in quite some time. Continue reading


by | December 10, 2014 · 1:02 PM

What do you call a Cool Old Person? A Cooldie!

IMG_0183After having lunch with my 87 year old Aunt Betty yesterday, I’m coining a new term and here it is:

COOLDIE: (noun) a person over the age of 80,
who is still very cool
Continue reading


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What Kind of Genius Are You?

IMG_0959 A few months ago, I wrote about the fabulous gifts my kids gave me on Mother’s Day. Yesterday, I pulled one of the papers out of my “50 Days of Happy” jar and here is the quote it contained. Continue reading

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