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My Bad Day was a Great Day~ Relatively Speaking

Two weeks ago I did something absolutely terrifying~ a webinar.

A webinar is like a teleseminar, except instead of speaking into a telephone, you speak into a microphone on your computer. And instead of being invisible, participants can actually see you and your slides.

Unless they can’t.

A teleseminar is easy~ you prepare your content, practice, invite people and speak into your telephone.

A webinar is hard~ you prepare your content, create your slides, practice, add more slides, invite people, delete some slides, figure out the technical piece of broadcasting your webinar, freak out, consider canceling it, enlist the help of anyone on the planet who can help you figure it, take a deep breath and begin your presentation.

My marketing assistant was a HUGE help throughout the process. She and I did a test an hour before, just to make sure everyone could see and hear me. Double thumbs up; we were good to go!

Thirty seconds into the live broadcast, I received this horrifying text from her

In that moment, I was tele-ported back to my first week-long training with Bob Proctor. The great Carol Gates was on stage, teaching on public speaking. She shared the wisdom of the late Bill Gove and told us

“A pro is at their best, regardless.”

Although I was definitely not feeling much like a pro at that point, I knew if I tried to adjust my settings, it would be a disaster. I envisioned agonizing minutes-which-felt-like-HOURS of fumbling, apologizing and sweating, none of which are pro-like. I knew I could re-record it so everyone would be able to see the slides on the replay, and I opted to keep going.

45 minutes later it was over.

I spent the rest of that day and part of the next figuring out what went wrong, re-recording the presentation and sending it out to all the registrants. People were very understanding and I learned a ton. The next time will be a breeze.

The next day I went for my haircut. Because my hairdresser is also an amazing psychic shrink, he knew I wasn’t my self; he said I seemed anxious. So I told him of my webinar woes, complete with dramatic details of this horrific event in my life. He listened intently and seemed genuinely sympathetic to what I had gone through.

And then he said something which immediately shook me back to reality. He said

“At least you didn’t fall off your boat!”

Since I don’t watch the News, I had no idea what he was talking about. So he recounted the story of the x-NFL player who was fishing from his boat, fell overboard, watched his boat cruise away on auto-pilot and proceeded to swim FOR SIXTEEN HOURS back to shore.

Instantly, my “horrific event” became a walk-in-the-park. Although Robert Konrad and I both “worked our butts off” for 16 hours straight that day, my work was play, compared to his work/fight for his life.

Never thought of myself as a drama queen, but I certainly earned my crown that day. Hearing that story and then later watching the video let me see my webinar woes from a different perspective. Did I really use the words “terrifying” and “horrific” to describe my ordeal?

Shame on me! Big whiner! Baby! Wuss!

The great thing about this is we can always use the Law of Relativity and practice comparing our struggles to something worse. We can practice keeping things in perspective, instead of giving more energy to how frustrated we feel. I learned a big lesson from my dramatic antics and I am already looking forward to my next webinar. :-D Just gotta keep swimming.

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What Time is Happy Hour? RIGHT NOW!

Image 1This quote has been taped to the shelf on my desk for at least a year or two…maybe three! I sit at my desk every single day, yet I haven’t actually read this in quite some time.

But today, for some reason, I paused and I read it. And I remember why I felt it was important enough to type up, print out on bright pink paper and hang on my desk; because I often forget.

In case you can’t read it in the picture, here’s what it says…

Your life is RIGHT NOW!
It’s not later!
It’s not in that time of retirement.
It’s not when the lover gets here.
It’s not when you’ve moved into the new house.
It will always be RIGHT NOW.
You might as well decide to start enjoying
your life RIGHT NOW,
because it’s not ever going to get better than RIGHT NOW,
until it gets better RIGHT NOW!


One of my goals for 2015 is to sell my current home and purchase a new one at the Jersey Shore. And I just KNOW I will be happy when that goal is achieved. In fact, I spend a lot of time thinking about how awesome life will be, just steps from the ocean. And today (and hopefully tomorrow) I am thinking about how awesome life is RIGHT NOW!

What about you?
Do you find yourself thinking about how happy you “will be, when……….” ?
What are you happy about RIGHT NOW?




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What do you call a Cool Old Person? A Cooldie!

IMG_0183After having lunch with my 87 year old Aunt Betty yesterday, I’m coining a new term and here it is:

COOLDIE: (noun) a person over the age of 80,
who is still very cool
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What Kind of Genius Are You?

IMG_0959 A few months ago, I wrote about the fabulous gifts my kids gave me on Mother’s Day. Yesterday, I pulled one of the papers out of my “50 Days of Happy” jar and here is the quote it contained. Continue reading

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Struggle Ends When Gratitude Begins

struggle2Love this gratitude quote from Neale Donald Walsch and had a first-hand illustration of it this week.

“The struggle ends when
the gratitude begins” Continue reading


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How a Magician’s Scarf Kept Me Motivated; a Metaphor from E-Squared

scarfWhile putting the finishing touches on my newest coaching program, I gained some great insight from a metaphor in the book E-Squared, by Pam Grout. (I LOVE when that happens!) Grout says… Continue reading


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It’s Always/Never a Good Time

alwaysneverAs I put the finishing touches on my next master mind program and choose the day/time/start date, in my mind it feels like it is always-never a good time to promote something new. When you think about it, there’s always some reason why this day or that month or this time would not be desirable. Continue reading


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What Didn’t Go Wrong?

fallThis morning, as I walked down the stairs to make the coffee and start my day, I nearly fell. I caught myself and no harm was done, except for an abrupt WAKE UP from the Universe. GOOOOOOOD Morning!!!
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Are you in the Habit of Being Happy?

Image 1

RN’s, Pharmacists, Psychologists and Nurse Educators can receive Continuing Medical Education credits for attending a seminar on The Habits of Happy People :-)

There is something validating, even empowering about having the medical community acknowledge the health benefits of positive thinking and being happy. The brochure on the left outlines the advantages to our overall well-being related to developing habits which make us HAPPY!

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If You Don’t Want It, Don’t Say It!

I recently listened to a really great seminar on Prosperity and the teacher said something which I thought was simply brilliant.

“If you don’t want it, don’t say it.”

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