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Annoyed? Think INSIDE the Box

Last week in my Outwitting the Devil classes, we discussed something the devil says about Definiteness of Purpose, which is essential for our success. He says:

“Anyone who submits to annoyance by things he does not want is not definite. He is a drifter.”
(FYI, being a drifter is not a good thing.)

Also last week, I received the following email from Abraham-Hicks:

“It does not matter if the object of your complaint is about someone you are angry with, behavior in others that you believe is wrong, or something wrong with your own physical body. Complaining is complaining, and it disallows improvement.”

This really got me thinking, because I get annoyed more often than I like to admit. I get annoyed by behaviors and people and sometimes even the weather. I get annoyed by things that shouldn’t really bother me. And when I say “shouldn’t,” what I really mean is “I wish didn’t.”

So here’s what I’m doing, which seems to be helping.

It’s a simple five-step process.

boxStep 1: Get a box with a lid.
Step 2: Write the annoying thing on a piece of paper.
Step 3: Put the paper in the box.
Step 4: Put the lid on the box.
Step 5: The next time that person or behavior bothers you, remind yourself that it’s “in the box” and read the lid again.

And here’s what the lid says:

So far, so good!

I’d love to hear your suggestions.
What do you do when you feel annoyed?


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Why I Don’t Get the Flu Shot ~or the Flu!

I know I won’t get the Flu.

You might be cringing just hearing me boldly say that, but don’t worry~ I’m not gonna get the flu and it’s not because I got a flu shot, cuz I didn’t. (see DISCLAIMER below) Continue reading

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My Bad Day was a Great Day~ Relatively Speaking

Two weeks ago I did something absolutely terrifying~ a webinar.

A webinar is like a teleseminar, except instead of speaking into a telephone, you speak into a microphone on your computer. And instead of being invisible, participants can actually see you and your slides.

Unless they can’t. Continue reading


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What if We Choose Better Questions?

I just read Randy Gage’s New Year’s post, where he encourages us to choose a Word-for-the-Year. Here’s what he said:

“Every New Years, I select a one-word theme to set my intention, guide me forward, and keep myself centered through the year. More than a resolution, it is an attitude for what kind of year I am going to create.”

I’ve never chosen a Word-for-the-Year before…up until now. And my word is Continue reading


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What Time is Happy Hour? RIGHT NOW!

Image 1This quote has been taped to the shelf on my desk for at least a year or two…maybe three! I sit at my desk every single day, yet I haven’t actually read this in quite some time.

But today, for some reason, I paused and I read it. And I remember why I felt it was important enough to type up, print out on bright pink paper and hang on my desk; because I often forget.

In case you can’t read it in the picture, here’s what it says…

Your life is RIGHT NOW!
It’s not later!
It’s not in that time of retirement.
It’s not when the lover gets here.
It’s not when you’ve moved into the new house.
It will always be RIGHT NOW.
You might as well decide to start enjoying
your life RIGHT NOW,
because it’s not ever going to get better than RIGHT NOW,
until it gets better RIGHT NOW!


One of my goals for 2015 is to sell my current home and purchase a new one at the Jersey Shore. And I just KNOW I will be happy when that goal is achieved. In fact, I spend a lot of time thinking about how awesome life will be, just steps from the ocean. And today (and hopefully tomorrow) I am thinking about how awesome life is RIGHT NOW!

What about you?
Do you find yourself thinking about how happy you “will be, when……….” ?
What are you happy about RIGHT NOW?




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If you expect to be irritated, you will be

irritated (1)One of my favorite daily emails comes from Abraham and today’s quote has perfect timing for me, and maybe for you too. Here it is….. 

To evoke the best from others, you must find a vibration that is a match to the best in others. Continue reading

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An Amazingly Awesome Idea from E-Cubed

OMGFaceFor the past two weeks I’ve been having a lot of fun playing with an idea I got from Pam Grout’s newest book “E-Cubed~Nine More Energy Experiments that Prove Manifesting Magic and Miracles is Your Full-time Gig.” Grout has a practice of getting up every morning and proclaiming the following: Continue reading


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What do you call a Cool Old Person? A Cooldie!

IMG_0183After having lunch with my 87 year old Aunt Betty yesterday, I’m coining a new term and here it is:

COOLDIE: (noun) a person over the age of 80,
who is still very cool
Continue reading


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What Kind of Genius Are You?

IMG_0959 A few months ago, I wrote about the fabulous gifts my kids gave me on Mother’s Day. Yesterday, I pulled one of the papers out of my “50 Days of Happy” jar and here is the quote it contained. Continue reading

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What I Learned About Marketing From Barbara Walters

babsI had trouble falling asleep last night, so I scrolled through the list of On-Demand shows and decided to watch Barbara Walters’ final episode on The View.
(For the record, ~not that there actually IS a record~ I am not a fan of The View, but I am definitely a Barbara Walters fan.Continue reading


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