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When the Student is Ready, the Teacher…Becomes the Student?

yodaYou’ve probably heard the saying “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” We could also say “When the student is ready, the coach appears.” But yesterday that statement was “When the student is ready, the coach appears… and becomes the student.” Let me explain…

One of my clients is making the transition from a 20+ year career as a psychotherapist, to becoming a certified “Tapping into Wealth” Coach. To introduce others to her services, Teri offers a complimentary “Money Map” session. The purpose of this session is to explain the five types of money we have and identify any blocks which may be preventing us from being more financially successful. Yesterday, I experienced this Money Map session with Teri.

I had three intentions when I volunteered for this:
1. To be supportive of my client’s new coaching business
2. To better understand the specifics of what she does, so I can be the best coach for her
3. To gain insight into her ideal client and possibly suggest referrals

What I did not intend, was to be totally amazed at what came up for me, in terms of blocks I didn’t even know I had around money. WOW!!!
I won’t even attempt to explain what this Money Map experience is like, but I will share this link which does explain it. And I will enthusiastically encourage you to schedule a session for yourself, while you’re there.

I expected to give help and support to a client yesterday. What I received was an eye-opening education and an intriguing new awareness about money and wealth. I love surprises like that!

A BIG thank you to Teri Bach for her knowledge and guidance. I hope you will take advantage of her complimentary Money Map sessions while they remain complimentary. (I wouldn’t be a good coach if I let her give it away forever :-) )

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Are you in the Habit of Being Happy?

Image 1

RN’s, Pharmacists, Psychologists and Nurse Educators can receive Continuing Medical Education credits for attending a seminar on The Habits of Happy People :-)

There is something validating, even empowering about having the medical community acknowledge the health benefits of positive thinking and being happy. The brochure on the left outlines the advantages to our overall well-being related to developing habits which make us HAPPY!

As a Registered Nurse turned personal coach, just seeing this brochure makes me happy. It adds credibility to my role as a teacher of the Law of Attraction. It confirms what I have known for many years, yet what many choose to debate~ that our thoughts and feelings have a profound effect on our results.

When you FEEL good, you attract good.
When you FEEL not-so-good, there are many things you can and should do to feel better.

The easiest and fastest way to improve even the worst day, is to be grateful for what you already have. Simply take a deep breath and focus on everything in your life that is awesome. If you’re really struggling, make a list; actually write those things down. You can start with your heart beating and your lungs breathing and your kidneys filtering and…. you get the idea!

What habits do you have that make you happy?
What habits can you begin to form?

I look forward to hearing your thoughts… right after I register for this seminar!


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Seth Godin WOWed Me Today

I love reading Seth Godin’s blog. His posts are smart, funny, interesting and succinct. And today’s post, entitled “Happy Wowday” inspired me to take action. (I love when that happens!)

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Want to Succeed? You’ve got to STOP TRYING!

yodaIf you want to succeed at something, you need to stop trying!

I realize this sounds counter-intuitive, but it’s actually great advice. Hear me out, before you decide I’m living in la-la land. :-)

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If You Don’t Want It, Don’t Say It!

I recently listened to a really great seminar on Prosperity and the teacher said something which I thought was simply brilliant.

“If you don’t want it, don’t say it.”

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I am Definitely Definite that I was NOT Definite!

outwitting-the-devil-book-coverWhat is the meaning of the word definite and why should we care? defines definite as:

Clearly defined or determined;
not vague or general;
precise; exact. Continue reading


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What You Appreciate Appreciates

This was the beautiful scene I enjoyed on Friday

This was the beautiful scene I enjoyed on Friday

That’s a quote from the book E2 by Pam Grout. This week my master mind partners and I are doing the last experiment, which is called “The Fish & Loaves Principle.”  The hypothesis is that
if I change my outlook and make a concerted effort to look for goodness, beauty and abundance, it will show up in spades”. Continue reading


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Ask (or… just write it down) and It Is Given

We all know the phrase “Ask and it is given,” but this is a case of “Write it down and it is given.” I LOVE this story and I hope you will too! Continue reading


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The Simple Secret To Achieving Your Goal

I recently became aware of a simple secret about goal achieving and I’m excited to share it! Immediately after deciding on your goal:

  • Go out and LOOK for it!
  • EXPECT to find it!
  • HAVE FUN searching!
  • FANTASIZE about telling your friends you achieved it!


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What’s The Purpose of Purpose?

outwitting the devilOne of the resounding lessons we learn by reading Outwitting the Devil is the importance of “Definiteness of Purpose.” The devil tells us that the main reason that 98% (YES~ 98%!!!) of us fall under his influence, is because we drift through life, without knowing what our purpose is.

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Melissa West, who is considered an expert on the subject of purpose. I asked her why it is so important to discover our purpose and, equally important, HOW do we do this? And how do you define purpose?

What I’ve learned, with Melissa’s help, is that once you discover your purpose, everything else gets easier, more fun and more rewarding.  When you gain insight into your purpose, you live each day with more clarity, confidence and productivity…and fun! 

Before we can identify our purpose, we need to know what we mean by purpose, and here is what Melissa told me:

Your purpose is what you are called to do.
It’s how you are meant to express your gifts and talents.
Your purpose is the compass that helps you make choices that move you towards what you truly want in your life. 

 So how the heck do we identify what our purpose is? Here are some things you can do:

  • Be an observer of your own life and behavior and actions.
  • Think about times when you’ve felt like you’re really alive.  When you’re “in the zone;” when you’re rockin’ and rollin’ and feeling on top of the world. What are you doing during those times? Where are you? Who are you with? What are your actions?
  • What is the common thread in these times when you’re feeling most alive? Are you teaching? Are you learning? Are you being creative? Are you out in a field or up on a stage or behind a computer or in your kitchen? 
  • What is it about those activities that makes you feel happy and fulfilled and alive?  

Maybe this weekend would be a great time to ask yourself the questions that help you discover your purpose. Let yourself observe and remember when you are at your best.

Where are you when you’re shining your brightest?
Who are you with when you’re rockin’ and rollin’?
What are you doing when you feel most alive?

If you’re wondering, like I did, if knowing your purpose is really necessary, pick up Outwitting the Devil. Or better yet, join us for an 8 week, in-depth study of this book. The next class begins on October 1st.


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