Life Begins At 50, But You Don’t Know That Until You’re 50!

You can listen to this blog post here 🙂  50 is just a number, right? But when you’re talking about age, to many people (ie. anyone younger than 50), 50 is… well…OLD. But when you actually are fifty, you won’t think so. At least I hope you won’t. I was born in 1958 AND I turned 58 […]

Why Pam Grout Is The Luckiest Person On The Planet, Episode 222

You can LISTEN TO THE POST here 🙂 If you follow Pam Grout, you know that she occasionally writes a post with the title “Why I’m the Luckiest Person On The Planet; Episode_____,” in which she shares an event or some gratitude or often, a miracle or two. Although I’ve never met Pam in person, […]

Stop and Smell the Ocean

Facebook has a feature where it shows you what you shared on the same day, in prior years. I typically enjoy the reminiscing, but last week felt more like a startling wake-up call, than a memory. A reveille, I evidently needed to hear. Here is what I shared on Facebook on April 25th, of last […]

Abraham says “Close the Vibrational Gap”

Throughout history, there have been countless wise teachers on the subject of vibration and attraction. And in many different ways, using countless different words, with varied styles of delivery, they all agree on the following: everything in our universe vibrates at a certain frequency our thoughts and feelings vibrate at a certain frequency we attract […]

Simply…The Law of Attraction

In sitting down to write this post (I’ve been at it for over an hour, and I just keep writing, deleting and starting over) these words just popped into my mind (and not a moment too soon!): IF YOU CAN’T EXPLAIN IT SIMPLY, YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND IT WELL ENOUGH I know I do understand it […]

When in Doubt, Listen to Pam Grout

I don’t often feel anxious about stuff, but I was feeling it ~big time~ last week. I had a lot on my mind, a lot of my to-do list, and I felt like I was moving backwards… in slow motion… all by myself. Nothing was really wrong, but nothing seemed right, and I felt myself slipping into […]

The Law of Attraction Loves Bloggers

One of the ways I continue to learn about the Law of Attraction is to connect-the-dots and notice all the things that had to occur to obtain a result. This post is about connecting some dots involving my blog, an old needlepoint and other synchronicities. Blogging is a creative outlet which allows us to start […]

Hello From The Other Side~ Part 1

This post is about when cool things happen after someone dies. And it’s one of those “You-don’t-need-to-read-it, but-I-need-to-write-it” posts. I’ll start by stating the obvious~ I have no idea what happens or “where we go” when we die, but I do have certain beliefs about it. And those beliefs are derived from, and reinforced through my personal […]