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Want To Add Value? Discover YOUR cookie!

The first of the Five Laws of Stratospheric Success from The Go-Giver is the Law of Value, which says:

Your true worth is determined by how much more you
give in value than you take in payment.

When coaching a group, we master mind ways to add value to our product or service, while still earning a healthy profit.  Typically, the ideas cost little or nothing, yet they add tremendous value to the experience; that little, extra touch that can be worth all the rest. Continue reading


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A True Friend Will Always…Steal Your Idea???!!!

There are many great ways to get motivated to consistently move towards your goals. Before yesterday, my list included things like:
1. Work with a great coach
2. Team up with great Master Mind partners
3. Make a daily, prioritized to-do list
4. Meditate daily to focus your efforts…. I could go on… Continue reading


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More Than Inspired~Insfired!

Yesterday I invented a new word by combining

Inspired~ aroused with the spirit to do something, as if by divine or supernatural influence, and

Fired Up~ excited, enthusiastic and physically motivated.
The result…..(drumroll please)……

feeling totally inspired and completely
fired-up at the exact same time.

Continue reading


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Influence, The Go-Giver Way

You probably know I love, live and teach the Five Laws of Stratospheric Success from The Go-Giver, by Bob Burg and John David Mann.  This week I gained a keen insight into the implications of applying The Law of Influence, which says “your influence is determined by how abundantly you place other people’s interests first.” Continue reading


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Being Nice Does NOT Mean You’re A Go-Giver

Earlier this week, I wrote about offering free coaching calls.  At the end of the post, I mentioned that there was no catch.  “I’m just someone who loves what they do and understands the value and benefit of applying The Five Laws of Stratospheric Success.

Based on some of the feedback I’ve received, I feel the need to clarify a key point about being a Go-Giver, the book which outlines these five Laws.

Being a Go-Giver does not mean
you give things away for free. Continue reading


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When They Say FREE, There’s Always A Catch

Don’t be fooled!
Nothing is free!

Except this.
I’m having a “Buy None, Get One FREE” sale. Continue reading

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The Bracelet Isn’t Magic, But The Awareness IS!

I am currently enrolled in a Prosperity Coaches training which involves wearing a blue Abundance Activist™ bracelet, similar to a Livestrong bracelet.  Every time I GIVE or RECEIVE something, I switch the bracelet to the other wrist.  It may sound silly, but doing that simple action has had a dramatic effect on my awareness of both of these things. 

It doesn’t matter what I am giving or receiving; it could be time, money, a gift, a kind word, an iPad… Every time I notice such an act, I switch the bracelet.

Well, yesterday I made my annual trip to my favorite flea market to do some Christmas shopping.  I’ve been going there for over 20 years, and I never remember receiving a discount, aside from the normal “Buy 1 for $20 or 2 for $30” offer.  But this trip was different and that blue bracelet got quite a workout!

The highlight of the day occurred while going down my last aisle, cold and weary from three hours of walking and spending.  A gentleman selling food choppers asked “Will you watch my demonstration? You don’t have to buy anything.  No one else is.”  His humorous approach made me laugh and although I was tired and had absolutely no interest in what he was selling, I said “Sure!  Show me what you’ve got.”

As I approached his table, I switched my bracelet, aware that I had made the decision to GIVE this nice man a few minutes of my time.

The demo was so cool that I purchased his chopper for $25.  As I waited for him to put it in the bag, I started to switch my bracelet, aware that I was GIVING him a sale, not because I really wanted the product (although it is really cool!) but because I felt like doing something nice.  At that moment, the thought to GIVE him the bracelet came to me, so I did.

After explaining how to use it, he happily put it on his wrist, smiled and said “You just made my day!” and I really felt his appreciation.  He continued, “And now I’m gonna make yours” as he put a second chopper in the bag!  How cool is that?!  We were both smiling ear-to-ear as he switched the bracelet to his other wrist.

As soon as I got home, I put on a new blue bracelet and have switched it several times since then.  I’ve been assured the bracelet isn’t magic, but the awareness that every GIVING also involves a RECEIVING truly is!

Where is your awareness on the topic of giving and receiving?  Do you notice one more than the other?  I can promise that as you become more aware of both, you will experience both and on a more equivalent, consistent basis.


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I’d Like To Say Thank You…Please Hold!

In September, I went to see the U.S. Open Tennis Tournament in New York.  As I pulled into the parking lot, the attendant said “You can put your money away. ‘The company who made your car’ is paying for your parking today!” Continue reading


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It’s Not About Me

So this is…..interesting.
As I sat down to write this post, I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to write about.  I have some spaces left for a workshop that starts this week, and thought I should write about that, as a way to attract participants.

I noticed that I had an untitled “draft” for a post, so I clicked on “Edit” to see what I had started writing about that I had not finished.  Surprisingly, I hadn’t written anything…not one word.  The only thing which was in the post was this picture. Continue reading


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Not The Usual Serenity Prayer

Yesterday I had the pleasure of receiving an unexpected email from a great friend and mentor, Carol Gates.  Carol is the President of Bob Proctor Coaching and we became fast friends almost five years ago.  After enjoying her message, I noticed a previous email from her, where she reminded me of a quote she liked on my Facebook wall.  I don’t know who wrote the quote, and I had completely forgotten about it, but man-oh-man, did I need to read it!  It’s a rendition of the familiar “Serenity Prayer” and it goes like this:

“God grant me the serenity to accept the people I cannot change, the courage to change the one I can and the wisdom to know…it’s ME!” Continue reading


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