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Memorial Day is for Remembering

Here in the U.S., it is Memorial Day; a national holiday which, to many, means a day off from work, a backyard barbecue and the beginning of Summer. But the reason for the holiday is to honor and remember American soldiers who lost their lives, protecting our freedom.

My Dad, the soldier.

I spent some time yesterday going through my Mom’s old scrapbook, where she did a great job of chronicling letters, photos and telegrams from when my Dad fought in World War II, in the 1940’s.

It got me feeling all nostalgic, imagining what it was like for my parents, in their early twenties, married just a few months when my Dad went off to war. For years, their only form of communication was hand-written letters, which were censored, before delivery.

My Dad was one of the lucky ones; he came home alive.

My nephew in Walter Reid Medical Center, 2009

And then I thought about my amazing nephew, Andre. He was also one of the lucky ones; a Green Beret, who came home from Aphganistan alive, yet without one of his legs.

And I thought about his incredible attitude that got him through unthinkable pain, countless surgeries and extensive rehab. And how today he walks, runs, surfs, snowboards and jumps out of planes, with a prosthetic leg. And he truly feels grateful and fortunate to be alive.
He inspires me.
(Here’s the video of him jumping out of a plane, after he lost his leg)

Then I started seeing tributes on social media and I became very aware of the young men and women who were not as fortunate as my Dad and nephew. I thought about their Moms and Dads, siblings, grandparents, spouses, children and friends; the ripple effect of all the lives that were changed forever, because they died while protecting our freedom.
They inspire me.

Then I received an email from my friend John David Mann. His newest book, Among Heroes will be released tomorrow. This true story of Brandon Webb, an elite Navy Seal who lost eight of his closest friends, in the line of duty to our country can’t get to my mailbox fast enough.

It seemed wherever I turned, there was another reminder… to remember.

Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing to celebrate this Memorial Day, I hope you will reflect and remember the reason you have the day off from work; the reason you have the freedom to enjoy this day with family and friends.

Sincere gratitude to the men and women who serve our great country and the families who love them.


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What Time is Happy Hour? RIGHT NOW!

Image 1This quote has been taped to the shelf on my desk for at least a year or two…maybe three! I sit at my desk every single day, yet I haven’t actually read this in quite some time. Continue reading


by | December 10, 2014 · 1:02 PM

What Kind of Genius Are You?

IMG_0959 A few months ago, I wrote about the fabulous gifts my kids gave me on Mother’s Day. Yesterday, I pulled one of the papers out of my “50 Days of Happy” jar and here is the quote it contained. Continue reading

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Struggle Ends When Gratitude Begins

struggle2Love this gratitude quote from Neale Donald Walsch and had a first-hand illustration of it this week.

“The struggle ends when
the gratitude begins” Continue reading


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What Didn’t Go Wrong?

fallThis morning, as I walked down the stairs to make the coffee and start my day, I nearly fell. I caught myself and no harm was done, except for an abrupt WAKE UP from the Universe. GOOOOOOOD Morning!!!
Continue reading

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Don’t Panic; Feel Grateful

Just re-learned a great lesson from a client. I say RE-learned because it is definitely something I already know, yet I don’t always remember. The lesson is that we need to appreciate things we already have; like our heart beating or our air conditioning working or, as my client is now experiencing, the software which runs his entire company functioning.
Continue reading


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The Best Things in Life Really ARE Free!

A week or so before Mother’s Day, I sent my three children the following email:

GOOD Morning Children!
In case you are wondering what to get your Mombo for Mothers’ Day, a Love List from each of you would make me VERY happy. For various reasons, all of you have limited funds this year, and I would feel really great about you NOT spending any of it on me :-P . Continue reading


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A Sign from my Mom~on Mother’s Day!

Anyone who has lost their Mom misses them just a little extra on Mother’s Day. Since that was the case for me, I spent part of the morning looking at old pictures, cards she’d sent and even more time wondering where the HECK she went when she died 27 years ago. Continue reading


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If You Don’t Want It, Don’t Say It!

I recently listened to a really great seminar on Prosperity and the teacher said something which I thought was simply brilliant.

“If you don’t want it, don’t say it.”

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What’s Your Sign?

This is one of those You-don’t-need-to-read-it-but-I-need-to-write-it posts. Today, I want/NEED to write about what happens when someone dies; more specifically, about the “signs” we receive after they’re gone.

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