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Showing Up for What Shows Up

Listen to the blog here Do you think it’s “coincidence” when things start showing up over and over? Or, do you believe it’s not coincidence, but rather synchronistic serendipity~ something to notice and look closer at? For the past few weeks, what’s been “showing up” for me, is to BE PRESENT. In other words, stop thinking […]


Flower Power or Power Lines?

You can listen to the post here Everyday, I get to see these bee-yoo-ti-ful flowers, on the house next door to mine. Aren’t they gorgeous? There’s probably a dozen of these flower boxes on all the windows of this beautiful home. I saw them being planted in the Spring and I’ve really enjoyed watching them bloom […]

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Replace “Lather” & “Rinse” with LISTEN & LEARN

Lather, rinse, repeat never made sense to me.  But listen, learn, repeat… now those are instructions I can get excited about! In the shampoo instructions, the “repeat,” (in my opinion) serves no purpose, other than selling twice as much shampoo. But in the learning instructions, the “repeat” is, well… the magic bullet! It’s the difference […]

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Who said “There are no do-overs”?

LISTEN to the post here I’m not sure, and it doesn’t matter, because I’m taking one. Right now. Here’s why. Last week I did my first teleseminar in over two years and, in a nutshell, it went very well. According to the kind feedback, the content was great, all the tech stuff worked, and I […]

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Hello From the Other Side~ Part Two

You can listen to the post here   I absolutely love hearing about signs people receive from loved ones who have passed on, to the other side. I am fascinated by the cool things that happen and I never get tired of hearing these types of stories. I’m sharing a couple new ones here, because […]

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Nagging Voice or Inspired Guidance?

My new favorite thing about Facebook is the feature that prompts you to “See Your Memories.” I really enjoy being reminded of stuff I’ve shared on the same day, in prior years. Today, I was reminded of a post I wrote about… breathing, kindly shared by my friend, Bob Burg… FIVE YEARS AGO. You can […]

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Stop and Smell the Ocean

Facebook has a feature where it shows you what you shared on the same day, in prior years. I typically enjoy the reminiscing, but last week felt more like a startling wake-up call, than a memory. A reveille, I evidently needed to hear. Here is what I shared on Facebook on April 25th, of last […]


Abraham says “Close the Vibrational Gap”

Throughout history, there have been countless wise teachers on the subject of vibration and attraction. And in many different ways, using countless different words, with varied styles of delivery, they all agree on the following: everything in our universe vibrates at a certain frequency our thoughts and feelings vibrate at a certain frequency we attract […]


Simply…The Law of Attraction

In sitting down to write this post (I’ve been at it for over an hour, and I just keep writing, deleting and starting over) these words just popped into my mind (and not a moment too soon!): IF YOU CAN’T EXPLAIN IT SIMPLY, YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND IT WELL ENOUGH I know I do understand it […]