The Year of Learning Dangerously

You can listen to the post by clicking above I’m calling this “The Year of Learning Dangerously” for two reasons: I’ve been doing a whole lotta learning lately, and Some of it feels a little random, a little risky… a little dangerous. That’s probably too strong of a word, dangerous; it’s more like enthusiastically embracing whatever […]


What do Hurricane Matthew and The Election have in common?

What do Hurrican Matthew and the Election Have in Common? They both could be considered scary. But just because something sounds scary, doesn’t mean we have to be scared. Last week, I connected with a few friends in Florida, asking how they were doing, in relation to Hurricane Matthew. Here’s a screenshot of one message I […]


A World Gratitude Day “what-if…”

World Gratitude Day There were some wild and wacky holidays this week. For example, Sunday was “National Cheeseburger Day,” Monday was “International Talk Like A Pirate Day” and next Sunday is “National Comic Book Day.” (Talk Like a Pirate Day is INTERNATIONAL ~ Really?!)     And for the past 51 years, this day, September 21st […]


Science and Spirituality Walked Into A Bar…

Science and Spirituality walked into a bar. They fell in love, got married and gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, named Joseph. They told little Joey that their dream was for him to help the world understand the unlimited power of the mind. That little baby grew up to became a very cool chiropractor, […]


Awesome Things Come From Gratitude And Intention

Three awesome things just happened, as a result of making a gratitude-intention list; a 10-10 list This week I resurrected a simple, yet profound practice back into my life and I enthusiastically encourage you to try it. The resurrected practice (it was never really deceased; I had just fallen off the wagon a bit) is […]


A Guest Post from Pam Grout… (sort of)

With Pam Grout‘s permission, I share a brilliant post she wrote for Hay House, called “4 Myths About Financial Security.” My hope is that you will click above and read that post, or at the very least, click below to listen to it. I recorded it to make it easier for you to consume, because […]

dog is happier

Showing Up for What Shows Up

Listen to the blog here Do you think it’s “coincidence” when things start showing up over and over? Or, do you believe it’s not coincidence, but rather synchronistic serendipity~ something to notice and look closer at? For the past few weeks, what’s been “showing up” for me, is to BE PRESENT. In other words, stop thinking […]


Flower Power or Power Lines?

You can listen to the post here Everyday, I get to see these bee-yoo-ti-ful flowers, on the house next door to mine. Aren’t they gorgeous? There’s probably a dozen of these flower boxes on all the windows of this beautiful home. I saw them being planted in the Spring and I’ve really enjoyed watching them bloom […]

lather rinse repeat2

Replace “Lather” & “Rinse” with LISTEN & LEARN

Lather, rinse, repeat never made sense to me.  But listen, learn, repeat… now those are instructions I can get excited about! In the shampoo instructions, the “repeat,” (in my opinion) serves no purpose, other than selling twice as much shampoo. But in the learning instructions, the “repeat” is, well… the magic bullet! It’s the difference […]

do over

Who said “There are no do-overs”?

LISTEN to the post here I’m not sure, and it doesn’t matter, because I’m taking one. Right now. Here’s why. Last week I did my first teleseminar in over two years and, in a nutshell, it went very well. According to the kind feedback, the content was great, all the tech stuff worked, and I […]