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The Best Thing To Buy In 2016? A Journal.

Do you want to know the best thing you can buy to help make 2016 your FINEST YEAR EVER?

A journal.

There’s something very inspiring and motivating about getting a new journal. I’ve got several with puh-lenty of blank pages yet to fill, but I like to treat myself to a New One for the New Year.

Funny story about buying the journal…
Barnes & Noble seriously has an entire wall of journals. Big ones, little ones, leather-bound ones, artistically-decorated ones, quote-bearing ones…

“How FUN!” I thought, as I dove into what seemed like a vast sea of journals. “How will I ever choose just one?”

What I discovered is that, evidently, I have become very particular about the kind of journal I prefer. I like a notebook-sized, hard cover (gotta have the hard cover) journal AND it has to have that satiny ribbon to hold my place when I close the book.

After an exhaustive search, I found only one journal.
ONE JOURNAL~ (out of, ohhh… I don’t know…5 million?) that fit my specs.
It’s priiiiitty fancy.  

I love how the daily instructions
are printed on the cover.








I had visions of rainbow colors and unicorns on the cover, with maybe a profound quote or an inspiring word like “Gratitude” etched in gold.

Nope. Just this word…


Funny. And appropriate. Tells me what it is AND what to do with it.

There are many, many ways to use a journal, but to be effective with any of them, you need to have a CLEARLY DEFINED GOAL. (***See below)

I’ll post some resource links about “How-To Journal” below, but this post is about BUYING A JOURNAL. So I want you to go to Barnes & Noble right now and buy yourself a journal.

It’s The Best Thing To Buy in 2016!

I’d love to hear about YOUR favorite ways to journal. Please let me know in the comments below.

***If you don’t have a CLEARLY-DEFINED GOAL, I’d love to help. I’m offering FREE CLARITY SESSIONS until Jan 15th, so go grab one before they’re all gone.

Some posts about Journaling:
My favorite form of journaling, the one that changed my life and inspired me to become a coach, is the MSU Method. (
What’s Your Story?)

Another fav~ great if you’re short on time. (The 10-10 Exercise)

This post shows an example of MSU’ing. (Eat, Pray, Love…Journal)

Another great example of MSUing (How I Sold My House in a Week)

This post shows what can happen QUICKLY when you MSU (I Really SOLD MY HOUSE!)



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Let Go Of The Cursed Hows, So The Blessed Hows Can Come

According to Mike Dooley of, we don’t need to know HOW we’re going to get what we want. He says we need to let go of the “Cursed Hows,” so we don’t limit the infinite possibilities of ways the thing we want can show up. (Here’s a short video of Mike explaining that.) Continue reading

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The Critical Goal-Achieving Step You Might Be Skipping

There’s many different strategies and philosophies out there about achieving goals and I think all of them have merit. What I’ve found is there is one critical step that many people skip, and it makes a world of difference. Continue reading

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MY Course In Miracles ~#3

Miracle #3 ~ The Angels Arrive

On October 2, my house was finally empty, clean and ready for the new owners to move in.

But on October 1, it didn’t seem like it was possible and I went into full-blown panic mode. The clock was ticking (LOUDLY) as I frantically packed, donated and discarded a house full of stuff. Continue reading

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MY Course in Miracles~ #2

Miracle #2~ The Cats & the Moon

MY Course in Miracles taught me so many things; things I already knew, but often struggle to apply. Continue reading

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MY Course in Miracles

Not to be confused with A Course in Miracles, this post is about MY Course in Miracles. It’s actually going to be a series of posts, sharing events which occured related to selling my house, which I cannot help but refer to as miracles. Continue reading

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Dreams DO Come True!

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” ~Walt Disney

Last November I met with my accountant to create a VISION for my future. In addition to having his CPA, PFS, he recently became certified as a Financial Life Planner, which is really kind of cool. Continue reading


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The Fragility of Receptivity~ a guest post from The Go-Giver, Bob Burg

Honored to share this guest post from my friend, Bob Burg, co-author of “The Go-Giver.”

In my experience with people (including myself), Law #5, The Law of Receptivity is, without question, the most difficult one for folks to master. Bob does a great job of explaining why that might be AND how to change it~ Enjoy!


In John David Mann’s and my book, The Go-Giver we discuss the fifth and final law, that of Receptivity and how challenging it can be for so many.

In one sense, the abundance of lack messages permeating our daily lives can create a focus on what is missing rather than on all the natural prosperity surrounding us.

Then, there are worthiness issues that rear their ugly heads from time-to-time. “Am Ideserving enough to receive?”

Adding to the above receptivity challenges is that they both typically work on an unconscious level where the person is not even aware that the issues exist!

There’s another aspect to receptivity though that can also stand in the way. While it’s on more of a conscious level, it also means we knowingly have to face some possible fears.

Receptivity can be a fragile thing, because to be receptive, you must leave yourself open. Keeping yourself genuinely open to a yes also means you expose yourself to a possible no.

Having the courage to embrace an unexpected path also means embracing the risk that this path may lead nowhere — or nowhere good.

Perhaps this is the most challenging thing about being receptive: it means allowing yourself to be vulnerable.

The key is to embrace that vulnerability and, rather than letting potentially uncomfortable experiences diminish your joy and sense of fulfillment, let them deepen your ability to receive the abundance you desire…and that you deserve.


The Go-Giver: A Little Story About a Powerful Business Idea by Bob Burg and John David Mann is now available in an expanded edition. It includes a Discussion Guide, Author Q & A and a Foreword by Arianna Huffington. You can receive Chapter One by visiting


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The Universe IS Conspiring to Help Us!

Quick story illustrating that the Universe IS conspiring to help us… Continue reading


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Do Your Habits Control You? Um, Yes.

LISTEN to this blog post

habitHabits Rule!

That is the good news and the bad news.
If they’re healthy habits they serve us well.
The unhealthy ones (sometimes called addictions) can hold us back and keep us stuck ~BIG time!
Continue reading

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