Three Simple Ways To Benefit From Meditation

Up until recently, after countless hours of attempts and disappointments, I had decided that meditation was overrated; it was too hard; I wasn’t doing it right; there was a secret that the experts weren’t sharing.  At the very least, I had decided that meditation was not for me!  Why would I want to sit still, […]

Play The Match Game AND WIN!

Any Baby Boomers out there will probably remember a TV show called “The Match Game.”   Contestants were given an incomplete sentence and they had to fill in the blank.  For example, “Dumb Dora was so dumb, that instead of a lunchbox, she packed her son’s lunch in a  ____________.”

Living On Purpose~And Lowering The Price

As you may know, I am very enthusiastic when it comes to sharing what I believe is great stuff.  And by stuff, I mean information, books, movies, speakers, recipes, restaurants, carwashes ~all of it!  When I love something I can’t wait to tell someone else. 

Stay In Control By Giving Up Control

One of my favorite things in the world is the “Getting Into The Vortex~Guided Meditation” by Jerry and Esther Hicks.  Notice, I didn’t say one of my favorite books or one of my favorite CD’s.  It’s both of those things, yet I think of it more as a tool.  The BEST tool I have found […]

Eye Can See Clearly Now

When you wear contact lenses, you need to visit the Eye Doctor every two years, in order to refill your prescription.  A few weeks ago when I inserted my last pair of contacts, I heard myself having a not-so-nice conversation in my head that sounded something like this:

There’s a Skip In My Step, Cuz I’m Skipping A Step

It is just over eight months since I began meditating as part of my daily routine.  I am excited about this, as meditation was something that, up until now, I never really “got.”  I tried many different techniques at different times without appreciable results and had basically given up.  I had decided all the people […]

You Do Some Meditation and You Turn Yourself Around….

And that’s <clap>what it’s all <clap> about <clap, clap> I take that back.  Meditation is not what it’s all about ~ Feeling Good is what it’s all about! Meditation is just a tool to help get us there.  And if you ask me, (which I realize you didn’t, but hey~it’s my blog!) there’s no faster, […]

Breathing On Purpose

At one time or another, you’ve probably been told to “take a deep breath.”  Although it may have been by your doctor or nurse, chances are a friend suggested it, if you were stressed or anxious. I never realized what excellent advice that was, until recently.  Now, I find comfort in knowing that no matter […]

Meditation Doesn’t Work! Up Until Now…

In the last post, we discussed how our Immune System is affected by our mental attitude and touched on the fact that research shows the practice of meditation improves our immune response.  He, (the Ph.D. who gave the seminar AND did the research) said that people with weakened Immune Systems showed a vast improvement when […]