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MY Course In Miracles ~#3

Miracle #3 ~ The Angels Arrive

On October 2, my house was finally empty, clean and ready for the new owners to move in.

But on October 1, it didn’t seem like it was possible and I went into full-blown panic mode. The clock was ticking (LOUDLY) as I frantically packed, donated and discarded a house full of stuff.

As I ate breakfast, lunch and dinner that day (aka. drinking my morning coffee), it hit me that there was no way, on God’s green earth I was going to get it all done by myself.


I’m the most optimistic person I know, yet I needed help and I didn’t know who to call. I didn’t know what to do. I was spinning my wheels, walking in circles. I had to empty a house and I was overwhelmed with the magnitude of the task.

On the few occasions when I’ve felt this defeated before, my normal coping mechanism is to go to sleep, but that was not an option. (I once slept for 15 hours straight, about ten years ago.)

Although the movers had come and gone, there was still a LOT of stuff to pack and discard, and the cleaning people were due to arrive within the hour. I began to feel counter-productive; entertaining thoughts like “What’s the use?” and “It’s impossible!” I knew I had to shake up my thinking and my vibration, so I put on “The Science of Getting RIch.”

Miracle #3Long story short… angels arrived and it all got done!

After crying a bucket of Happy/Grateful Tears, I shot this video , which will give you all the details (#dontjudgeme~ I was comPLETELY out of my mind at the time and my plan was to only share it with my Science of Getting RIch students, because I knew they would understand.

Moral of the story… never… EVER give up. And if you come close to giving up, hold the faith. Remind yourself that there is a power, a force, an energy at work that can and will overcome any obstacle.

Miracles happen all the time; especially when you’re at your lowest low.

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MY Course in Miracles~ #2

Miracle #2~ The Cats & the Moon

MY Course in Miracles taught me so many things; things I already knew, but often struggle to apply.

One thing I “already knew” was the importance of, as Paul Martinelli says, “holding my image;” getting an image of what I wanted in my mind and holding on to it, despite reality.

Napoleon Hill calls it “Definiteness of Purpose.”
Wallace Wattles calls it “holding the thought of the truth.” He goes on to say that doing this (thinking about what you do want, when in the midst of its absence) is “the hardest work in the world!”

And when it came to finding a foster home for my cats, all that “knowing” went right out the window.

These were my Cats!!!
You can see them here, on Pinterest

I started feeling desperate, (a very low frequency on the vibrational scale), and I knew I had to shift that quickly, in order for the cat-taker to show up.

I wrote about it in my journal, I visualized a specific friend saying “YES!”, as the clock continued ticking. But despite my best effort, I literally felt a heaviness in my chest, every time I thought about it.

I began asking people months before I moved. I asked everyone I could possibly think of (except my Aunt Betty. Might revisit that…) and everyone said “no.” 

Until someone said “YES!”

It was September 27th, 48 hours before the movers came. My friend Leslie was up from D.C. to help me pack. After a hard day’s work, we were at the beach, enjoying a glass of wine, when my phone rang.

It was my friend Dee. She owns a few apartments and had a tenant, she was certain would do it… but they said “no.”


Dee* said “YES!”

*Dee is one of THE nicest people on earth. She is beautiful, kind, funny as hell, very talented AND…I said all those things about her before she took my cats!

I was literally overwhelmed with emotion; I burst into tears and felt as happy as I can even remember.

And then it got better!

We went outside to finish our wine and within a few minutes, Leslie and I both gasped, as the sky LITerally lit up. It was 10PM, and the sky LIT UP!
MoonI saw that as the perfect exclamation point for the sentence “Dee is taking my cats!”

Addendum: I thought the picture was so beautiful and shared it on Facebook. I couldn’t understand all the comments from people saying “I missed it.” or “We can’t see it, it’s too foggy here.”

The next day we found out about the Blood Moon, Lunar Eclipse. Miracle # 2.5.

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MY Course in Miracles

Not to be confused with A Course in Miracles, this post is about MY Course in Miracles. It’s actually going to be a series of posts, sharing events which occured related to selling my house, which I cannot help but refer to as miracles. Continue reading

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Dreams DO Come True!

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” ~Walt Disney

Last November I met with my accountant to create a VISION for my future. In addition to having his CPA, PFS, he recently became certified as a Financial Life Planner, which is really kind of cool.

We sat for several hours and talked about everything from where I’d like to live– family– career– relationships– vacations– even tennis.

At the end of the meeting, Mark said “Linda, if you really buckle down and get busy, I think you can accomplish all of this over the next year.”


I was super excited, because although I’ve always wanted to live at the Jersey Shore, at this stage of the game, I wasn’t sure it could actually happen. Knowing that Mark believed it was financially feasible gave me so much encouragement, but I still had a lot of questions…

  • What do I need to do to sell my house?
  • How much profit will I have, after I sell?
  • Can I afford to buy something down the shore?
  • How am I going to do all of this myself???

IMG_1996Mark gave me the notes from that meeting, along with a detailed list of things I needed to do to get the ball rolling (new carpet, replace storm door, paint, new upstairs vanity, etc…) and on the last page, he wrote “October 2015.”


I said “Heck, if I can do this by October, let’s just make it September, so I can enjoy the nicest month of the year at the beach!”

On August 4th, 13 days after listing, I had a signed contract, full-price offer on my townhouse, with a scheduled closing of October 2nd. Pretty awesome, although it wasn’t September. Mark & I joked that we came pretty close.

As the weeks rolled by and I wasn’t finding the perfect house, it became apparent I would need a temporary place to stay. My realtor happens to be the broker for all the beautiful oceanfront condos I had vacationed at for several years. It’s called The Ocean Club and is situated right ON the Atlantic; steps away from the sand.

As you can see in the first picture, it was my dream to own one of them. That dream took a slight detour, after I found out how much they were selling for and I decided to look elsewhere.


there were a few available to rent for the month of October. A one-bedroom unit rents for several thousand dollars a WEEK in the Summer. That price drops to less than HALF in the “off season,” which apparently begins the day after Labor Day.
Hellllllllllllo Ocean Club!

And then it got better!

Since it was so affordable, I decided to take it for September too and I have enjoyed the, in my opinion, most beautiful month of the most beautiful Jersey Summer at the beach.

Miracles have been coming, fast and furious, which I’ll write about in later posts. But here is what I’ve learned, in the process.

  • The Universe is conspiring to help us
  • Being clear and specific about what you want is essential
  • You’re never too old (or too young!) to live out your dream
  • Letting go of the “how is this gonna ever happen?” allows the how to show up


My dream was to live at The Ocean Club and I had no idea how that could happen.

What is your dream?


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Do Your Habits Control You? Um, Yes.

LISTEN to this blog post

habitHabits Rule!

That is the good news and the bad news.
If they’re healthy habits they serve us well.
The unhealthy ones (sometimes called addictions) can hold us back and keep us stuck ~BIG time!

A habit (conditioned way of being or behaving) is something we do automatically, without thinking~ like turning on the light switch, while we’re holding a flashlight because of a power outage.  If we were thinking, we would never do such a silly thing (you’re holding a flashlight dummy!), but we’re not thinking at that moment; we’re being directed by our habitual way of being.
We do it so often that it’s become ingrained, memorized and automatic.

The reason habits are so powerful is because they are deep-seated in our subconscious mind; that part of our mind where we don’t have the choice of free will.  The part of our mind that controls our behavior.

The habit exists because we thought about it over and over and over or we behaved a certain way over and over and over and our subconscious adopted it.  Our subconscious mind doesn’t have the ability to judge, choose or reject~ it accepts everything that makes its’ way there.

Here’s an example of a habit that I’ve proudly (just about, nearly, completely) broken.  Up until a few year ago, I was always late.  Not just late~5 minutes late!  I was consistently, predictably 5 minutes late for nearly every appointment I ever scheduled.
I didn’t want to be late.
I didn’t intend to be late.
I didn’t enjoy being late, in fact I hated it.
Yet it seemed that no matter what I did, or how hard I tried, or how early I got started, “something” would always get in the way of me being on time.

And then I figured out what it was~ it was my habit!  I had formed the habit of being late, and once something is a habit you need not think about it; it will show up every time, without any conscious thought or effort. I, and unfortunately people who knew me, could absolutely, positively count on me being 5 minutes late.  The problem was, I did not like that reputation and I wanted to change.

So how do we change habits?***
1. ACKNOWLEDGE that it exists and you do this by listening for the voice in your head.  When I listened, I heard (loud and clear, btw) “I’m always late. I’m always 5 minutes late! What’s wrong with me? I’m ALWAYS late!”  I realize now I didn’t stand a chance of being on time with that going on.  Remember I wasn’t consciously choosing to be late; I was being ruled by my deep-seeded habit!

2. DECIDE you want to change it.  This was easy, because I hated being late.  It was unprofessional at best, and downright inconsiderate at worst.  I consider myself both professional AND considerate, yet my behavior spoke otherwise.  So this part is pretty much a no-brainer.

3. CHANGE the dialogue.  Once I became aware of the mantra in my head and how powerful it had become, I made a commitment to change it!

I replaced the “I’m always late” with “I’m always 5 minutes early.” I said it over and over (and over and over….) and as I said it, I thought about how I could be 5 minutes early.  I started thinking of myself as habitually punctual.  I commended myself for being professional and considerate.  I interrupted the voice in my head and replaced it with a healthy mantra that served me rather than hurt me.  I silently celebrated my punctuality and …here’s the best part…I felt proud of myself.  And guess what my new habit is……

I’M (almost, pretty much) ALWAYS FIVE MINUTES EARLY!

So whadda-ya think?  Have you ever replaced a bad habit with a good one?  Are you aware of one you’d like to replace now?  I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

Since our habits really do make or break us, I’ve created a 5-part video series called “The Habits of the Rich & Famous”.  In this training, I share the top five habits of the successful people I’ve coached, worked with, learned from and followed and give you ways to try them in your life today.

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The Universe Sent Me a Vision

LISTEN to the post here

Last week I wrote about how the Universe said HI to me, in the form of a hotair balloon. (You can read that post here) Continue reading

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How Pam Grout Fixed My Printer

pamA few weeks ago, I interviewed one of the coolest people I know, Pam Grout. Continue reading

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Feeling High from the Hi from the Universe

The Universe is always sending us signs. Sometimes we notice and sometimes we don’t. Continue reading


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Last week I wrote about selling my house. And this week I SOLD IT!

Strangest SecretOn April 22nd I embarked on a 30-Day Test, with my Strangest Secret group. Everyone chose a 30-Day Goal and mine was to sell my house. Continue reading


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How I Sold My House in a Week!

There’s an important DISCLAIMER at the end of this post, so be sure to read till the very end.

I’ve been working hard for the past couple of weeks (painting, carpeting, repairing, cleaning, cleaning, cleaning…), getting my house ready to sell. My vision has always been that when I was finally (been “thinking about it” for years) ready, I would sell it within a week. Continue reading


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