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Who Taught You How To Think?

thinkYou can probably remember who taught you how to ride a bike or drive a car or make your bed, but do you remember who taught you how to think? Continue reading

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Classy or Tacky? You Decide

It’s been nearly a week since Hurricane Irene paid a visit to many places along the East Coast.  New Jersey was one of the hardest hit states and several of my friends are still without power, after seven days!  For some, that also means no running water, as their homes are served by a well, and the well requires electricity to pump. Continue reading


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God…According To Me

Did you ever take time to imagine what it must be like to be God?  I’ve given this a lot of thought and I think I’m onto something.  Tell me what YOU think…

OK, so imagine you are God.  Your job (not that you need a job) is to give everyone what they ask for. You fulfill all requests based on what people tell you they want. Problem (for us) is you don’t hear words, you only “hear” thoughts and feelings. So whatever people are telling you with their thoughts & feelings is what you give them. No judgment or interpretation; you don’t have time for that~ you’re busy! Continue reading


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Think Inside The Box

One of the most important aspects of goal achieving is creating a vision~ a clear mental picture of what you want.  Now if your goal is a tangible item, like a car or a necklace, this is pretty simple.  You just look at the thing, your brain takes a snapshot of it and you’re good to go.  Not so easy when your goal is more extensive.  How do you take a mental snapshot of  love or success or happiness or peace? Continue reading


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