Meditation Workshop

Next class begins October 28
Sunday Evenings at 7PM EST
Only $47

I l ve finding forgotten money in an old pair of jeans
I lve sushi with wasabi and ginger
I lve mornings on the beach, with a good book and a great cup of coffee

But none of these things even come close to how much

Jerry and Esther Hicks’
“Getting Into The Vortex
Guided Meditation”

In fact, I love it so much I’ve put together a 5 week workshop to share this incredible tool.  I’ve got permission to share and brag about it, because none of it’s mine!

I tried meditating many times, in many ways, for many years without any noticeable benefit.  Eventually, I gave up.  Why would I continue something that either put me to sleep or bored me to tears?  I foolishly concluded that all those people who said how great it was were either lying, or they knew a secret they weren’t sharing.  And then I found this!

Here’s just some of what you can expect to learn in 5 short weeks

Week One:

  • Not only how to meditate, but how to enjoy it~so you want to do it every day 
  • How to effortlessly relax and release stress and tension~within minutes, not weeks or months! 

Week Two:

  • How to feel in control of your emotions ~even when others behave badly!
  • How to really, truly benefit from understanding the Law of Attraction ~even if you think it’s baloney!
  • How to gently, passively improve your vibration~which improves mood, clarity, focus!

Week Three:

  • How to feel great about your financial situation ~even if you think you’re broke!
  • How to tune your vibration to allow your finances to improve

Week Four:

  • How to feel good about your physical body~even if you think you’re fat or sick! Research proves Meditation improves Immune response!

Week Five:

  • How to feel good about all the relationships in your life~even if you live/work/play with grouchy, annoying people! 

Do I seem excited? I AM!

Does it seem like I’m exaggerating the benefits?  You be the judge~
Here’s what others have to say…..

“I remember when meditation intimidated me – and then when I got to be a TOTAL snob about it and thought that listening to a “guided meditation” was cheating. I learned better – and was already using this tool when I joined Linda’s first workshop. But her discussions and observations helped me get SO much more out of it! Hope you can join her for this one!

Dixie Gillaspie
St. Louis, MO

“I don’t want to sound all dramatic, but this meditation has truly changed my life!  Everything is just, how do I say this…better!  Life is easier and more fun.  So happy I took a chance on Linda Ryan (never heard of her before this).  Her passion for sharing this is a gift to all of us and I’ll always be thankful.”

David Moray
Manhattan Beach, CA


I’ve received more calm and focus from Linda’s guided meditation course, than I’ve ever experienced using other methods. The simplicity of the series and the almost immediate results, amazed even this skeptic. My stress is down, my energy is up, my ability to think more clearly and stay on task has improved 100%.  I give it my two thumbs up, 5 star rating, highest recommendation and gratitude for the difference it has made in my life!”

Julie Larson
Boise, ID


“Linda’s passion and enthusiasm are contagious! She is an excellent teacher, an outstanding motivator and an engaging speaker. I highly recommend her “Getting Into The Vortex ~ Guided Meditation Workshop ,” whether you are curious about meditation or have been practicing the art for years. You are sure to gain value from Linda’s insights and Abraham’s teaching.”

Brian Simpson
Raleigh, NC


“I had NEVER meditated and frankly didn’t think I ever wanted or needed to quiet my mind in this way.  I absolutely LOVE this program and Linda Ryan executed an awesome workshop. I highly recommend this workshop and guarantee it will change your life for the better!”

Mary Silva
Mountainside, NJ


“This meditation course led by Linda Ryan is a must! I already meditated on a somewhat regular basis and Linda helped me see the value in a more consistent schedule. It really impacted my whole state of being. I am in such a better place now and my stress levels have gone down significantly. Thank you Linda for putting together this course and helping me fall in love with my meditation all over again!”

Melissa Malueg
Raleigh, NC


You might be thinking “can’t I just buy this book and do this on my own?”  The answer is “yes, of course” …BUT… then you’d miss the priceless benefit of master minding these ideas with a group of like-minded people AND life is just a whole lot better with a coach!  (OK, maybe I’m a little biased on that point, but it’s true!) At the end of 5 weeks, if you don’t feel it was worth ten times your investment, I will refund your money, no hassles. Promise!

The Details

Workshop consists of five, one-hour teleseminar sessions.  Calls are recorded and replays are provided

Next session begins October 28th

Cost is only $47, because I want EVERYONE to experience this!
The Next Step

One Final Thought:
I am, by no means, a meditation expert, nor do I aspire to be.  But I do aspire to help people, in all areas of their lives, and this meditation is THE BEST tool I have found to enhance that process.

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