Kind Words from Kind People

“Working with Linda has helped me grow and accomplish more in a year than I have in the past ten.  She has been an ever-present voice, reminding me to think of what I want, rather than circumstances”

R.L. Sanford, DMD
Bridgewater, New Jersey

“Linda Ryan is a Coach living in New Jersey. We have been “studying” Earl Nightingale’s The Strangest Secret for the last several weeks. Every day we listen to Earl Nightingale, and each of us has chosen a goal. She is EXCELLENT! Here I am almost 70 (69 this year), and I really didn’t know what I wanted to be. I knew that I wanted to Market and Promote people, but that was all. Linda has helped clarify what I term “success.”
C. O’Connell
Chicago, Illinois
“I’m not going to “sugar coat” this, so please forgive me if this sounds terse. When you first approached me about this tool, I thought you were maybe an “out there” ex-hippy getting your “mellow on” man.  So I listened politely, because I knew meditating was for weirdos.

This is undoubtedly the best $$$ I ever spent. I am happier, I look forward to meditating at least 3 times a week.  That’s right people, I have joined the World of Weirdos. It was everything you told me it would be and more.  Because of my meditating, my business has increased, and I really do find the more I am grateful for, the more I receive. This is a fabulous tool!”

J. Kuhn
Naperville, Illinois


“I remember when meditation intimidated me – and then when I got to be a TOTAL snob about it and thought that listening to a “guided meditation” was cheating. I learned better – and was already using this tool when I joined Linda’s first workshop. But her discussions and observations helped me get SO much more out of it! Hope you can join her for this one.

D. Gillaspie
St. Louis, Missouri

“I don’t want to sound all dramatic, but working with Linda has truly changed my life!  Everything is just, how do I say this…better!  Life is easier and more fun.  So happy I took a chance on Linda Ryan (never heard of her before this).  Her passion for coaching is a gift to all of us and I’ll always be thankful.”

D. Moray
Manhattan Beach, California


“I’ve received more calm and focus from Linda’s guided meditation course, than I’ve ever experienced using other methods. The simplicity of the series and the almost immediate results, amazed even this skeptic. My stress is down, my energy is up, my ability to think more clearly and stay on task has improved 100%.  I give it my two thumbs up, 5 star rating, highest recommendation and gratitude for the difference it has made in my life!”

J. Larson
Boise, Idaho


“Linda’s passion and enthusiasm are contagious! She is an excellent teacher, an outstanding motivator and an engaging speaker. I highly recommend her “Getting Into The Vortex ~ Guided Meditation Workshop ,” whether you are curious about meditation or have been practicing the art for years. You are sure to gain value from Linda’s insights.”

B. Simpson
Raleigh, North Carolina

“This meditation course led by Linda Ryan is a must! I already meditated on a somewhat regular basis and Linda helped me see the value in a more consistent schedule. It really impacted my whole state of being. I am in such a better place now and my stress levels have gone down significantly. Thank you Linda for putting together this course and helping me fall in love with my meditation all over again!”

M. Malueg-West
Raleigh, NC

*********************************************** “Linda is a breath of fresh air!  She has an innate and uncanny ability to guide you in the right direction.  She taught me how to create a clear vision for my life.  Her knowledge of the power of our mind and the importance of positive, good-feeling thoughts helped me get beyond the fear and self-doubt.  I highly recommend Linda to anyone wanting to make solid, lasting, positive change in their life”

P. Lonsway
Houston, Texas

“I am so grateful for Linda Ryan’s coaching and highly recommend her.  She is truly the very best at helping others grow and succeed. Linda is kind, giving, committed, caring, and patient… and is helping me to achieve things I never imagined!”

Millburn, New Jersey


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