‘Tis the Season to be Organized???

How do you stay organized, during the holidays? In addition to your normal workload, toss in some shopping, baking, eating, drinking and being merry and even the most organized entrepreneur can feel overwhelmed. So what can you do to keep it all together? Try this. How do you manage your daily activities? Daytimer? Franklin Planner? Google Calendar? […]

STOP! In The Name Of Deepak

Last week I was fortunate to meet Deepak Chopra, up-close and personal.  It was just myself, Deepak and 1,000 of his closest friends.  He spoke for an hour, gave us a copy of his awesome new book, Super Brain and off we went.  

Eat, Pray, Love… JOURNAL

Actually, the journal should come first (but then it wouldn’t be such a snappy, little title), because that’s what this post is about~ writing in a journal. DISCLAIMER: EVERYTHING IN RED IS A BOLD-FACED LIE, WRITTEN TO GIVE YOU AN IDEA OF HOW TO MAKE STUFF UP (MSU).  

Want To Add Value? Discover YOUR cookie!

The first of the Five Laws of Stratospheric Success from The Go-Giver is the Law of Value, which says: Your true worth is determined by how much more you give in value than you take in payment. When coaching a group, we master mind ways to add value to our product or service, while still […]

The Key To Success, Stop Trying!

I have been trying to write this post for almost two weeks now.  You see, this is my 100th blog post and I felt it needed to be something awesomely fantastic.  I pictured trumpets blaring (dun-dun-da-DUN!), confetti flying and the entire universe gathering for the celebration.  I would write the most profound post ever written […]

A True Friend Will Always…Steal Your Idea???!!!

There are many great ways to get motivated to consistently move towards your goals. Before yesterday, my list included things like: 1. Work with a great coach 2. Team up with great Master Mind partners 3. Make a daily, prioritized to-do list 4. Meditate daily to focus your efforts…. I could go on…

Want a Fantastic Day? Is It On Your List?

Are you a list maker? Most successful people are. To be more productive and efficient, it really helps to get our tasks out of our head and onto paper.  I have a system I’ve been using for many years, and until something better comes along, I’m sticking with it.  (Details on that can be found […]

Ten Little Words

A few weeks ago I was assigned the task of being able to tell someone what I do for a living…in ten words or less. This is quite different from the traditional “elevator pitch,” where we tell someone what we do in 30 seconds or less. Ten words is… not that many. So, on went […]

A Dime For Your Thoughts

I recently completed training as a Prosperity Coach with the awesome Ellen Rogin.  Among other things, Ellen is a CPA who believes that prosperity is not just about earning and wisely investing money.  While those things are important, a positive, grateful mindset is essential to living a prosperous life.

The Best Thing I EVER Did~in 2011

So today, the holidays are officially over~ for me.  (My daughter and her boyfriend were visiting his family in the UK, and yesterday was the first day we could all get together to exchange gifts with them.  Did it. Loved it. Now let’s get that tree out of my house!!!)  And now that they’re over, […]