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STOP! In The Name Of Deepak

Deepak Chopra
Not the greatest pic, but how cute is he in his Jeans?

Last week I was fortunate to meet Deepak Chopra, up-close and personal.  It was just myself, Deepak and 1,000 of his closest friends.  He spoke for an hour, gave us a copy of his awesome new book, Super Brain and off we went.   Continue reading


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Be Careful When Your Inspiration Turns Into Aspiration

“Inspiration never acted upon remains an aspiration”

I read that quote this morning on my friend, Melissa Malueg’s blog and it really got me thinking.  I thought about it so much that I actually felt inspired to write about it.  And here’s what I’m thinking. Continue reading


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Want a Fantastic Day? Is It On Your List?

Are you a list maker?
Most successful people are.
To be more productive and efficient, it really helps to get our tasks out of our head and onto paper.  I have a system I’ve been using for many years, and until something better comes along, I’m sticking with it.  (Details on that can be found here) Continue reading


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Happy Birthday To ME!!!

Today, March 23, 2012 is a very special day for me. It is a quarter of a CENTURY since I gave birth to my first little miracle, Whitney. I fully realize it is her birthday, however I feel rather entitled to celebrate as much, perhaps more than she does. Continue reading


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Allow Yourself To…. Allow Yourself

Another great quote from Abraham found it’s way into my inbox this morning:

When your heart is singing, you are allowing Well-being. When you are appreciating, you are allowing Well-being. When you are yelling at somebody, you’re not. When you’re feeling insecure, you’re not. When you’re frustrated, you’re not.

Abraham’s teaching really centers around allowing as opposed to resisting the good that we want to come to us.  I think most people, including me, will proclaim I am allowing it!  I really want it, and I am allowing it.  Am I?  Really?  Well, let’s see… Continue reading


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It’s Not About You…It’s About Me!

My favorite teachers on The Law of Attraction are, without question, Esther Hicks and Abraham.  One reason why I love them is they frequently offer ideas and suggestions that require us to do very little, if anything to experience a change in our results. Continue reading


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Don’t Study, Be Happy!!!

Perhaps my favorite teacher on Law of Attraction is Esther Hicks/Abraham.  And I think the reason they are my favorite is because they KISS~ Keep It Super Simple.  In a nutshell, the lessons I’ve learned from them can be summed up in two words~ FEEL GOOD.  Here is the daily quote they sent me today: Continue reading


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Play The Match Game AND WIN!

Any Baby Boomers out there will probably remember a TV show called “The Match Game.”   Contestants were given an incomplete sentence and they had to fill in the blank.  For example, “Dumb Dora was so dumb, that instead of a lunchbox, she packed her son’s lunch in a  ____________.” Continue reading


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Guess What Didn’t Happen Last Night

Last night I almost had a car accident.  It was the closest I’ve ever come to actually smashing into another car (except for the time I backed into one of my best friends in the school parking lot and did $4000 worth of damage, but that was 15 years ago, so I’m pretty sure it doesn’t count it anymore) and it scared the beejeezus out of me!  The other person was obviously distracted and they drifted into my lane to the point I had to drive onto someone’s front lawn to avoid them. Continue reading


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Mind Your Own Business! MASTER Mind, That Is.

Every Wednesday I facilitate a master mind group of entrepreneurs.  The group consists of six men and women who, until this group began, were complete strangers.   The only commonality is they are all entrepreneurs, running businesses which they enjoy and want to grow. Continue reading


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