What’s Better Than Gratitude? HAPPINESS!

What’s better than gratitude? If you’d asked me this last week, my answer would be “Nothing.” Nothing is better than gratitude.   Today I have a different answer, which is HAPPINESS. Happiness, (according to NY Times bestselling author of The Untethered Soul, Michael A. Singer) is even better than gratitude. He didn’t actually say that; […]

Awesome Things Come From Gratitude And Intention

Three awesome things just happened, as a result of making a gratitude-intention list; a 10-10 list This week I resurrected a simple, yet profound practice back into my life and I enthusiastically encourage you to try it. The resurrected practice (it was never really deceased; I had just fallen off the wagon a bit) is […]

A Guest Post from Pam Grout… (sort of)

With Pam Grout‘s permission, I share a brilliant post she wrote for Hay House, called “4 Myths About Financial Security.” My hope is that you will click above and read that post, or at the very least, click below to listen to it. I recorded it to make it easier for you to consume, because […]

GRATITUDE is Always the Answer

Pam Grout is the amazingly awesome author of #1 NY Times Bestseller E-Squared: Nine Do-It-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality, and yesterday I had the pleasure of speaking with her.

New Favorite Thing~The 10-10 Exercise

Today I am excited to share my new favorite thing.  It’s called the 10-10 Exercise, takes only a few minutes and brings rather magical results. Here’s how it works Each day (first thing in thing in the morning, if possible), write down Ten things you feel grateful for and Ten things you would like to manifest […]

Happy Birthday To ME!!!

Today, March 23, 2012 2017 is a very special day for me. It is a quarter of a CENTURY THIRTY YEARS since I gave birth to my first little miracle, Whitney. I fully realize it is her birthday, however I feel rather entitled to celebrate as much, perhaps more than she does. Today marks the 25 30 year […]

Want To Feel Better? It’s In The Bag!

Yesterday, a friend asked how she could shake herself out of a “funky” mood.  As we were discussing things she might do, I became profoundly aware of how simple this exercise is if you are prepared; and how utterly impossible it seems if you are not prepared.  So here’s a way you can prepare to […]

The Bracelet Isn’t Magic, But The Awareness IS!

I am currently enrolled in a Prosperity Coaches training which involves wearing a blue Abundance Activist™ bracelet, similar to a Livestrong bracelet.  Every time I GIVE or RECEIVE something, I switch the bracelet to the other wrist.  It may sound silly, but doing that simple action has had a dramatic effect on my awareness of […]

Don’t Just Be Thankful…Be Grateful!

One of my mentors suggested that there is a difference between being thankful and being grateful.  He said that being thankful is appreciating something you already have, while being grateful is appreciating something you have not yet received, but have faith is coming. Although the dictionary does not distinguish between the two, I like this […]