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A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to E2

The very first experiment in my new favorite book, E2 by Pam Grout, tells us to ask for a blessing or unexpected gift from the “Field of Potentiality” (the FP) or God or the Universe or Infinite Intelligence or whatever higher power you believe in. You set a 48 hour limit and you ask for “a thumbs up, a clear sign, something that cannot be written off as coincidence.”

One of my clients just started the book and I decided to do the experiment with him. The clock was ticking and I decided to spend a little time in my journal, but wanted to use my favorite pen, which I couldn’t locate. I thought it might be in my purse and when I went there to look, not only did I find that pen, I also found this sticker, which I had never seen before.

heart1Sign delivered, thank you FP!

A few minutes after the 48 hour deadline had passed, my client (I’ll call him Brian, because that is not his name) texted me “He’s late!”

A little while later Brian called me to tell me “it didn’t work.”

A little relevant background on Brian:
He is open-minded enough to play with me, but skeptical, intelligent and “realistic” enough to get in his own way.
Aren’t we all?

He said “Well there was this one thing, but it didn’t count because it was already there.” He proceeded to tell me how, right after our session, he was having a final inspection on a home he built. The inspector was crossing all the T’s and dotting the I’s, so Brian could be released from the bond held on the property.

They couldn’t locate the surveyor monuments (4″ X 4″ wooden posts, marking the borders of the property). The inspector told him he’d need to bring in a surveyor to install them (a $2,000 project) and then the bond could be released.

Brian felt certain that those posts were there and he continued to look, despite the inspector telling him they weren’t. Lo and behold, he found them! Now not only would he not have to pay a surveyor to install them, the bond could be released and he could get his money back.

Although he was very happy, Brian didn’t feel that counted as his sign, because “it was already there.” WHAT?! So was the heart-shaped sticker, in my purse.

We began what felt like a bit of a debate to me; I wanted him to shift his perception, let go of his skepticism and acknowledge what seemed like a very obvious blessing/sign to me. And he wanted me to agree that we shouldn’t count something that was already there as a sign. Unfortunately, our call was disconnected before we had the chance to really get into it.

don1A few minutes later he sent me this text.

I was stunned.

In E2, Grout tells us that God has quite a sense of humor. To me, this was a costly, inconvenient, yet hilarious sign. Brian is still trying to figure out if I might be right.

I’ve been accused of reading into things too much, so tell me what you think.
Did finding those surveying monuments “count” as a sign, since they were “already there”?
Was getting a ticket for using a phone while driving also a sign?
Have you read E2 yet?


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I am Definitely Definite that I was NOT Definite!

outwitting-the-devil-book-coverWhat is the meaning of the word definite and why should we care? Dictionary.com defines definite as:

Clearly defined or determined;
not vague or general;
precise; exact. Continue reading


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What You Appreciate Appreciates

This was the beautiful scene I enjoyed on Friday

This was the beautiful scene I enjoyed on Friday

That’s a quote from the book E2 by Pam Grout. This week my master mind partners and I are doing the last experiment, which is called “The Fish & Loaves Principle.”  The hypothesis is that
if I change my outlook and make a concerted effort to look for goodness, beauty and abundance, it will show up in spades”. Continue reading


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Ask (or… just write it down) and It Is Given

We all know the phrase “Ask and it is given,” but this is a case of “Write it down and it is given.” I LOVE this story and I hope you will too! Continue reading


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What’s in a Name?

Hard for me to believe, but it has been nearly seven years since I started Mind Over Matter Coaching.  Seven years since I took a GIANT leap of faith to leave behind a career that I loved in the medical field, to become a coach. Continue reading


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The Law of Attraction is a Three-Step Process

There are three steps involved with the Law of Attraction; just three.
Despite what skeptics believe, it really is this simple.  It does take time~ not to learn it, but to manifest what we desire.  However, nothing is too big or too far or too difficult for the Universe to deliver, as long as we follow these three steps… and have faith in the process. Continue reading


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A Tale of Two Clients

We’ve all probably heard the saying “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.”  How about “When the teacher is ready, the student appears”?  Or more accurately, “When the teacher is ready, the student teaches.”   Continue reading


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Jeez Louise, Where Are Those Keys?!?!?!

I know, understand and actually help others understand the importance and the power of our thoughts.
I know, understand and actually help others understand we cannot attract what we do want when we are thinking, feeling and obsessing about what we don’t want or don’t have.
I know that, but last week I had a really hard time doing that.   Continue reading


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STOP! In The Name Of Deepak

Deepak Chopra
Not the greatest pic, but how cute is he in his Jeans?

Last week I was fortunate to meet Deepak Chopra, up-close and personal.  It was just myself, Deepak and 1,000 of his closest friends.  He spoke for an hour, gave us a copy of his awesome new book, Super Brain and off we went.   Continue reading


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Shut Up, Stop Whining and Tell Me What You Want!

Yesterday, on our Go-Giver Coaching call, Christie Ellis shared wisdom from Larry Winget, author of  Shut Up, Stop Whining and Get A Life.  Larry is world-renowned for his no-nonsense approach to success.  If you want to change your results, YOU need to change.  And I’ll add to that by saying, if you want to change our results, you must change your thoughts, feelings and words around them.   Continue reading


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