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Think You’re A Positive Thinker? Think Again.

This week I started reading The Power, the follow-up book to The Secret, written by Rhonda Byrne.  This section, from early in the book, really got me (and has kept me) thinking:

“How do you know whether your thoughts are positive or negative?  Your thoughts are positive when they are thoughts of what you want and love!  And negative thoughts are thoughts of what you don’t want and don’t love.  It’s that simple and that easy.”

Not sure if I agree with the easy part, but it certainly is simple.  And, up until I read this next part, I saw myself high on the list of positive thinkers I know.

When you talk about any difficulties with money, a relationship, an illness, or even that the profits of your business are down, you are not talking about what you love.

When I read that, I began to think “Hold on there, Miss Think-You’re-So-Positive!  When is the last time you loved the new carpet you want to install in your living room?  Are you loving the house at the beach you’d like to buy?  And I’m pretty sure I haven’t heard you utter one, single word about loving those wrinkles on your face!”

Hmmmmmmm…. Maybe I’m not as positive as I thought I was.  Maybe I am spending more time than I realized thinking and talking about what I don’t love.  Or talking about what I will love once I have it, without actually loving it now.  Maybe I need to finish reading this book.

And maybe (and by “maybe” I mean “definitely!”) you can help me by sharing your thoughts.  When you have a problem, do you think about loving the solution, or do you spend too long not loving the difficulty?


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